Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween for 2023! I have not done alot of dioramas for this year. But here are some from the archives, and may you have many dolly adventures on this spook-tacular holiday!


Friday, October 27, 2023

Elizabeth Taylor Barbie doll White Diamonds

Today would have been my mother's 81st birthday. She passed away in 2013. She was fun, bubbly , and loved Elizabeth Taylor. 
This particular doll is both lovely and poignant to me, as I gave it to my mom in the year she passed away, and it was one of the few she de-boxed. I do not have the original one I gave her-that is a painful story I do not wish to recall here, but one of the same persons who took most of her collection - a 'friend' also gave me this doll, the same doll, when her own mother died, who also collected dolls. So life makes circles. But back to my mom, who this story is about. 
Mom loved Elizabeth Taylor, her life, her movies, and her style. She had sold Avon in the heydey of the 1980s when Elizabeth Taylor was doing a line of fabulous jewelry and had some pieces which I regret having to sell now. She adored the perfume "White Diamonds" and I have to say it is one of my favorite perfumes as well. 
Today, in honor of my mom, I have waited until this anniversary of her birthday and the tenth year of her passing, to de-box this lovely doll.
Enjoy your dolls. As well as those passed onto you. 


Thursday, October 26, 2023

Raggedy Ann and Andy Collection items

This is a post that has been in the making for a while, as I am interested in all kinds of dolls. I have recently become enthralled with the charm of Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls and their stories. I have acquired two vintage books and I have had the Mattel Tommy & Kelly storybook Raggedy Ann  & Andy doll set, as well as the Applause 12 inch doll that both belonged to my mother, seen below. 

I got even more interested after watching some of Rachel Hoffmans' Videos on her Youtube channel. Large Raggedy Ann and Andy Doll History with Jonathan Green VIDEO
These videos and Rachels channel have helped me look at these charming dolls in a different way and understand why my mother loved them, for their silliness and charm. 
The stories of Johnny Gruelle are whimsical and fun, and take me back to when as a child a box became a house, a tree became a fort, and so on. Marcella is like any little girl who sees her toys as friends. I hope you will embark on embracing Raggedy Ann and Andy in a small way and read their stories.