Saturday, April 21, 2012

McDonald's diner progress...

I have made some progress today working on tweaking the McDonald's diorama in Barbietown. Today I did alot of printies- pictures of adverts for the signage , which is what was missing, as well as making a door. I still have to tweak the door and window- the window is originally supposed to be a view of the playground outside. Still working on those, but for now- pics!

Enjoy the pictures- more are in my Flicker albums!~Lisa

Friday, April 20, 2012

Atelier Lisa- Custom Bespaq Gold Cheval Mirror

Introducing- Atelier Lisa, or rather, more of my customized Bespaq!
This item is currently up on Ebay on a 3 day auction. Low starting bid of $25
Item is handpainted with gold ormalu and embellished with a blue handmade tassel, that is removeable. Mirror has been re-worked to be taller- instead of the normal 12 inches, this item measures 14 inches wide, 5 inches high. This will also be useful for taller dolls such as the Fashion Royalty girls, and antique or reproduction french fashion poupees.
Enjoy the pics- we also have more Bespaq in 1:6 scale up on Ebay, so browse our auctions! I will be working on more customized Bespaq items for Atelier Lisa!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone- from the One Sixth Scale dollhouse!
Lots of fun was celebrated...Her Highness the Baroness got her Easter basket, and Easter tea was served. Evie (Spring IT Direct exclusive lottery doll) and Betty Draper also were present.  The kids were dressed for Easter and the Baroness was happy to receive them and give them their baskets of eggs.

Next Betty organized the Easter baskets and egg hunts for the kids in Barbietown.

Barbietown's Boutique was dressed up for Easter as well, Evie did some window shopping before heading to the mansion to help Betty with the Easter egg hunt.

Happy Easter !