Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A visit to Target...Glitter Girls

So I have not been in Target for a while. If you go, and , or have already been in the toy aisle, you probably already know that they have switched things up already. You can't disregard any aisle. It took me a while to find the coveted Glitter Girls items that the fashion doll collectors have been posting about on the boards. 

The Glitter girls dolls, clothing and accessories are 15-16 inch dolls that are giving Wellie Wishers (American Girl) a run for their money. They fit 16 inch fashion dolls like Tonner, Avant Guarde, Ficon, and BJD'S as well as `12 inch fashion royalty and Poppy Parker and even Barbie dolls great too- the structures like their sweet shop. And they are reasonably priced, too. The sweet shop is something I have been lusting over for a long time now- but at $99.99 I don't have an excess $100 right now. 

I had never seen them until today and I have fallen in love with the dolls! the little red haired Poppy is just adorable. They are also reasonably priced too. So these two items are on my list, as well as the shoes. I believe the shoes may fit my 16 inch Soulkid bjd. 

Target also has alot of their Barbie items on sale too. They have alot of cute Skipper Babysitter Inc. items as well as the new Chelsea items. 

I love the Chelsea in the train and the little playhouse!
The new Toy Story Movie items were out, as well as the Barbie from Toy Story. She is 15.99 and is to be found with the Toy Story items in that toy aisle, which might be considered the boys aisle. Like I said, don't call it the boys aisle or the girls aisle now. 

She's articulated!

Target was CHOCK FULL of Toy Story items in all price ranges, from the inexpensive to the really EXPENSIVE....

These were on another aisle near the books, and were priced at 89.99 ....

The new Aladdin Movie items were also out...

I wasn't crazy about any of these, but the Genie might be useful for a weird diorama..his body is not that moveable. 

I found alot of cute items and hope this post might be helpful to you too.