Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I have come to really like St. Patrick's day and decorating it for Barbie and my dolls.  Here are a few new ones, and some older ones from the archives. 

Here are my newest ones I did with the dreamhouse recently- Barbie and Steffie decided it would be 'fun' to make a traditional Irish meal and have the Skippers eat it and experience Irish culture. How many moms forced us to do this when all we wanted was pizza and hamburgers at twelve and thirteen? lol 

 Below is a scene I did when I was creating St. Patrick's day cakes for sale and did a wonderful scene for my reproduction french fashion dolls, Annabelle and Marie Terese, and made their outfits and the cakes. I enjoyed doing this scene alot and still set it up just for fun so the dolls and I can enjoy St. Patrick's day together. I love this little teaset with shamrocks on it. 


Below is another St. Patrick's scene I did for my Va Fashion Doll club when we had a March meeting celebrating St. Patrick's day plus a diorama competition and I won with this scene I depicted Irish life in a cottage or 'croft' of two people having a typical Irish meal. I did alot of research into a typical Irish breakfast and needless to say it was hard to make it look both real and appetizing, as well as historical. The same foods are ate today as they were , well over hundred years ago. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

New doll arrival- Mr. Turner- Tammy's dad

I admit to a new obsession in my doll collecting this year- I have become a vintage nut. 

Not with the usual *yawn* Barbie, Skipper or Ken. No, dolls much more elusive. Tammy AND Friends. Her mom, dad, sister Pepper, Salty Pete, Dodi, Misty, and so on. AS WELL as the Littlechap family who were made in 1963 and modeled on the Kennedy family. 

I recently was lucky enough a couple of days ago to see one of my fashion doll club buddies post in our group a post- who is this? and it was a photo of 2 Ted dolls- Tammy's dad. I offered to purchase one of them if she was interested in selling, which she was. Today he arrived. My only sorry is I do not have a Tammy here to greet her dad when he arrived. She is so elusive and expensive! Tammy is not cheap by any means, even nekkid. lol.. 

So Mr. Turner has arrived, and I did a cleaning on his face and arms which were slightly dirty. He is wearing a striped shirt and dark pants, and his shoes. He measures 13 inches high. He has a couple of rough spots on his chin and cheek but you have to look hard to see them. He is in better condition than I thought he would be. 

 Something about this doll just makes me happy. I halfway expect him to be yucking it up with Ward Cleaver and going to play golf any minute. Too many afternoons watching 'Leave it to Beaver' after school! He reminds me alot of Ward Cleaver, both he and the John Littlechap doll. I am looking forward to doing some scenes with food with he and Mrs. Turner and Tammy and Pepper when I acquire them. I had purchased long ago a large lot of Barbie and clothing and I think some of it is actually Tammy clothing.  

Enjoy! And hopefully, my new W Club dolls will be arriving this week so more pictures to show you of the new dolls....

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Hinamatsuri- the Japanese Doll Festival

On the third day of the third month (March 3rd,) the Japanese celebrate the Girls day festival, or the Doll festival, otherwise known as Hinamatsuri, where very special ceremonial dolls, passed down generation after generation, are brought out , and placed on steps covered in red cloth. Special food is served, and the dolls have special furniture around them. All of Japan celebrates this festival. 

Barbie and Midge are celebrating Hinamatsuri in the dreamhouse in their kimonos by setting up their special ceremonial dolls. The set is a now rare Re-ment set that was sold a few years ago. It is one of my most treasured possessions. I used a large Gloria dining room table I had re-painted for this set to be set up on for this display scene. 

I have been wanting to do more with my vintage/reproduction dolls lately and this dreamhouse, and wanted to do an outside the box diorama for this holiday scene. Here are some past set up dioramas for Hinamatsuri you may recognize from the archives...

Enjoy! Happy Hinamatsuri day!