Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Va. Fashion Doll Club January 2018 Valentine's day Meeting.

On Sunday this past weekend I attended my Va. Fashion Doll Club meeting. We celebrated Valentine's day with a display of all the member's doll couples attending the Willow Country Club Sweetheart Valentine's day Dance. Everyone had to be dressed in colors of pink, red, white, grey,  black, but only suits, no tuxes or gowns. There were alot of Don Drapers in attendance!  

Shown below are the three ladies who won ribbons for the three best couples, Janice, Jodi and Barbara with their couples. 

Some more closeups of some of the other couples.....

Don't forget scrumptious photos of the all the goodies the ladies brought to eat..

Jodi had a lovely display for Valentine's Day on her coffee table ...

And in her hallway...

Our Presentation was Barbie and Kelly sister outfits/dolls 

She had Barbie & Kelly Sets, Barbie and Kelly Holiday, there were Ken/Tommy sets as well, and Barbie and Kelly OOAK as well as the Barbie and Kelly reproduction sets where you could put them 'together' . 
Jodi had printed out a manual from a Kelly website that was very informative and Kelly was a best seller for Mattel. 

Some of these Easter and Halloween Barbies were favorites. 

These are some of the OOAK Barbie and Kellys that Jodi put together off of Ebay from artists. Someone made the OOAK Kelly, then Jodi found the Holiday Barbie or the vintage outfit for Barbie. 

These reproduction Barbie and Kellys, are made by Mattel. The Kellys came in a four pack, and Jodi just put the dolls together. 

Enjoy! More photos on my Flicker!