Sunday, May 29, 2022

Happy Memorial Day Weekend...

 I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend. Here are some patriotic blasts from the past. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Large Scale Bespaq alert

I browse auction sites frequently and found some Large Scale  Bespaq  on sale here May 22nd HiBid auction  the first lots end at 1 pm 

The first lot is LOT 103 A LARGE SCALE DOLL ARMOIRE  20 in t with mirror but it is actually a large scale hat vanity. 

2 pieces of Bespaq doll house furniture  is how LOT 130 IS LISTED, but it is actually a large scale Bespaq chair which I estimate would fit 18-22 inch dolls and a 20 inch cabinet. Very rare, not manufactured any longer

this item is not even labeled Bespaq, but it is. A very rare cabinet that can hold china, teacups , perfume bottles, jewelry. and has a drawer. 24 inches high

These are all on the auction site listed on the links above, the auction house will ship and they seem to have a good reputation. Right now the prices/ bids are not high. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Happy- late- Mother's Day...

I am late- late - late!! with Mother's Day pics. Sorry about that. Life gets in the way when you are enjoying yourself. 

So here are some photos from this year and last year of the dolls. I did a new photoshoot this year digging out dolls to go with my Vixen Integrity Gene. That tired look in her eyes captured a young mother in the late 1940's early 1950's and looking at vintage photos of young mothers - I really don't know how my grandmother and great-grandmother did it without air conditioning and microwaves. 

 I used Gene and the furniture is Bespaq. The baby is a vintage childhood Mattel Rosebud baby doll- they used to come in long Victorian christening gowns with caps and also sometimes Victorian cribs and other furniture pieces in plastic. I know I have the whole set packed away in my stuff somewhere. I found this little one by chance in my bins of dolls I was sorting through (prevented me from yet another duplicate purchase on ebay!! lol!) The Madame Alexander Wendy is from my collection.  The toys are bits and bobs I had on hand. 

Here this photo is from last year's mother's day. I purchased the Bombay clock at an estate sale for $5 and it really works, I have two of these clocks and I adore them. The plants are various plants you can find at Michael's; the chair is Bespaq, designed by me - manfactured by Bespaq. The crib, doll, is Barbie babysitting Crissy? I think and came with the crib and the rocking horse. I have loved this doll and kept her in her stock outfit. Her hair is gorgeous. 

I hope everyone had a relaxing Mother's Day! 

Update on the Doll Room! - More progress has been made- more dolls have been found and put on shelves. The dressing has begun. I will have some more photos of the shelves and the room and the dollhouse hopefully by the weekend. 

Sunday, May 1, 2022

May Day!


Happy Birthday to me!
My birthday has been great. My birthday present to myself was to get my 'temporary' doll room set up. We had painted and restored the small front guest room, in the midst of major repairs on our home. We are currently now working on the kitchen and utility room, and will eventually get to the other two bedrooms with painting them. One of them will be my 'permenant' doll room. We will be re-decorating, etc. adding curtains, shades painting the walls and so on. But in the mean time, my dolls have been packed up for about going on two years since my husband became ill in 2019. Since his illness, we knew we needed to do repairs to the house so I had to pack up a great deal of my dolls and miniatures which have been stored in boxes. 

I decided to take them out and now display most of them in this small room that I use as an office and photo room. I started on Friday afternoon and have been working on it all weekend and it has been fun. Still not finished and I will continue until I get to a point I am satisfied with it. I am basically right now using what temporary shelving I have on hand that can be moved quickly if I need to pack them  up again.

I moved the Scarlett O'Hara Barbies and Victorian and Angel Barbies down to the bottom shelf, so the Mod Barbie foldout dollhouse could be put up at the top. I began to realize I did not have enough stands for all the dolls and one was was to sit them in chairs, props etc Poppy Parker and some Fashion Royalty dolls are on the second shelf, Vintage / Current Ken and Barbie are on the third shelf. These are the previous Crayola shelving I had. It has worked out really well and holds alot of dolls. 

On top of the dollhouse, I moved the previous collection of 'haunted dolls' and moved them into the closet shelving and moved my patio props, my homemade hot tub, grills, patio furniture to create a rooftop terrace and have seating for more dolls. I still have a ton of malibus to dress to put up here.

The Scarlett O'Hara dolls on top in their previous shelving placement

Modern and Vintage  Barbie and Kens 

Poppy Parkers 

The Tammy Family not all of them are there-

Poppy Parker Shelving 

The Fashion Royalty shelving 

And so I still have way more organizing to go. I will have more photos to show you soon. This sounds awful but I did not know what I had until I started putting the dolls on their stands and organizing them together! lol. I enjoy seeing all of them in their original outfits and with their props, it is such a joy. This was more fun than buying myself another doll because I discovered dolls I had forgot about and would have purchased again. So I highly recommend going through your collection and and if you store in bins/boxes, to shake them up a bit, relax for a weekend, shut off the internet and spend some time with them. You will be glad you did.