Friday, May 20, 2016

A Fairy in the Garden...

I let a fairy out to let play in my garden today...

I took my Fairyland Realpuki Soso, Wren out for some photo ops today since it had the perfect light, the Irises in the front yard had bloomed, and I was feeling better. My lithotripsy went well, and I had two full days almost pain free. No stones have passed yet, but I'm hopeful. 

Posing these little four inch dolls is precarious at best. They are ball joined dolls and their hands are magnetized so the hands can come off at the slip off a wink. Add to that a wig that can come off too. Very difficult to pose. Their feet luckily can be posed onto a metal disc if you wish them to stand as they have magnets in their feet, BUT, sometimes you don't always wish them to stand. 

You sometimes want them to pose like lazy fairies you see in those winsome pictures.

Like this---

I tried to get her to stand next to flowers, but the grass hid her, and she was blurry.  I would love to get a couple of more of these little darlings. I want so much to do a miniature photo book using these dolls and miniatures. 

Here are some of the photo bombs-

Though the last two aren't that bad, the iris in the last one looks like the train of a dress on her, don't you think?? looks a little like she is 'floating' in mid air. Maybe I could photoshop some wings on her. The other one looks like she is hiding in the grass. Wren has a sidekick, Marigold, a bird, who helps her deliver the mail for Finch Express to all of the dolls in the doll world. Right now she is having too much fun to worry about mail, clothing or any of those worrisome things. She's enjoying the flowers and the grass and the sunshine, lol. 
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hot dogs and French Fries...

The new listing for Set of 2 Hot dogs and French Fries I just made today is up.

Since being ill is no fun I decided to try and make some food, which I haven't done in a while. I made some cakes but they are not finished yet. The hot dogs and french fries turned out better than I expected. 

The set is on Ebay now at the link above for $15 plus shipping. Poppy and Ryan decided to model for me while having lunch. Hopefully I can get some more food finished and relieve some of my boredom. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Some new items on Ebay...

I have some new listings on my Ebay Auctions

Due to alot of the extra expenses this month, I am moving some dolls with the medical expenses and all. 

$95 starting bid


$99 starting bid  SOLD



These are the new items I have just listed, I will be listing more nude dolls with or without/ their boxes as I gather them up and sort them.  

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Vintage Walk Lively Miss America Barbie- Happy Birthday to me!

This little beauty has come home just in time for my birthday today this week. I  really had a Quick Curl Brunette Miss America which I have been looking for without success and decided on this lovely Walk Lively Miss America but the seller slipped Quick Curl into the description. My childhood quick curl Miss America also had the Steffie face mold so this fooled me. So now I am still on the hunt for the actual  Brunette Quick Curl Miss America that was NOT a walk lively. 

She came with everything but her roses, crown, shoes, sceptre and sash, I had to buy the sash from another seller. The gown and cape were in great condition and with my eBay bucks I got her at a deal with free shipping. 

I am afraid my vintage doll club ladies are rubbing off of on me since I am beginning to want to collect vintage mod now, which meshes so well with my Poppy Parker collection. I loved PJ and Skipper and Francie. 

Today has not turned out to be that great of a birthday...I have been quite sick this whole week. I had to have surgery for a stent to be put in because of a large kidney stone and now this coming week I will be going to have the procedure to have it removed. So I have been staying home and mostly resting regaining my strength after being in the hospital. Hubby and the rest of the family have decided to celebrate my birthday later in the month when I am more 'up to it' and I agree with them. 

Have  a great May day!~Lisa