Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter! Normally I am on point with an Easter display, this year I have been too busy for the elaborate displays I wanted to do. So before getting ready for dinner this afternoon, I decided to grab what Easter type items I had on hand, and let mini Laura Ingalls wish everyone a Happy Easter in 1:6 scale.

  A closeup of Laura's basket holding bunches of carrots picked from the garden for Ma.

Some of these pictures had to be taken on my dining room table with the aid of a little light, as it is dark and rainy this morning. I was trying to give everyone a clear view of the carrots I had made.

Carrots inside the miniature basket. Hope I can give you a better view, but some of the pictures came out a little blurry.
Here is a really good view of the bunnies with their carrots Laura fed them today.Along with Mary's pet lamb and Ma's chickens. I have more livestock I have collected, it's a matter of finding them, lol. 
I hope everyone enjoys Easter joys and many Blessings to you, remembering the real reason for this Day.
Easter Love and Blessings-

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Silkstone Fun...

I have been somewhat bummed since last year on my Silkstone Barbie part of my doll collection. Last year around this time I had to sell off some of my dolls to pay some medical bills and other bills off. We were going thru a tight time. Some of my lovelies had to go. I have since purchased a few more, but decided last night to take some of the Silkstones down and let them have Barbietown to themselves for strolling, and shopping- since they do it so well. 


Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Explorers....

I recently purchased this mummy sarcophagus prop at Hobby Lobby with my 40% coupon. There is another Egyptian type of statue there I want, as I love all things Egyptian and have always wanted the action figures Indiana Jones and Henry Jones- those movies and the Mummy are some of my favorites. Doing a diorama with the search for an Egyptian mummy has always been on my to do I decided to combine my watcher Mr. Rupert Giles with Katniss, who will be my tomb raider/explorer, as well as Buffy later. I put together this little diorama this evening, and had fun with it. 
For now, enjoy the pics!~Lisa

Prop credits:
chair- Cotswold Collectibles (check link box to the left)
Giles- Sideshow
Katniss- Mattel
desk, table- Bespaq
vases, tea set- Ruetter porcelain
dog- Christmas ornament from the Christmas Mouse store
vase- Alex Mechijohn, miniature potter
pillars- cake columns 13 inches high, Hobby Lobby
Mummy sarcophagus- Hobby Lobby
floor- scrapbook paper Hobby Lobby
shovel- Christmas ornament
leather books, letters, papers, maps, - made by me
lamp- vintage diecast pencil sharpner, ebay