Sunday, June 28, 2015

Groovy Galore Poppy Parker

And finally, the last doll of the registration dolls of the 2015 W club...Groovy Galore Poppy Parker. 

I did not include her in my little diorama crime scene drama. Many things in 'real life' happened to prevent this....

1- more dolls from the dresser in my bedroom plus numerous other props I had been hoarding, er , collecting had to be we are in preparation to move items and furniture around to another bedroom from our old bedroom...

2- the doll room is a disaster. As I have been cleaning out the new room that will be our new bedroom and putting items in storage, I have found more doll items.  So the doll room which is already crowded, has become MORE crowded with more boxed items that are not de-boxed. 

3- Dollies from the bedroom dresser are now on my temporary crime scene drama. Other dollies are in the doll town  strolling and lolling about on tubs. Props are everywhere, including tons of rement and miniatures that need homes. Chaos.

4- in the midst of still comes first, so nothing in the doll room gets organized, just shoved on top of more stuff.

Now onto the photos! I chose outdoors, because this Poppy is vastly underrated. Many people complained she was too 'basic' but I think she is exceptionally beautiful. Her hair is gorgeous. She's a diamond in the rough. Redressed, she can be beautiful. Her dress, quite frankly, does not remind me of the 70's but of the 80's. We had bubble dresses in the 80's. I did not put her jewelry on just yet. Her shoes and purse are really cute. This doll is definitely a keeper, unlike the one from last year, the spy girl. This doll reminds me of cake, candy and sweet stuff. 

I hope you enjoy the pics!Lisa

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Aristocratic Baroness Agnes Von Weiss

So here she registration doll, Aristocratic Baroness Agnes Von Weiss. I love everything about this one. I sold my convention Agnes, regretfully, but I already had a black headed Agnes so wasn't missing out on that. I now have two red headed Agnes' but I didn't have a striking platinum blonde. This one oozes that 40's chic.Her Gloved hands really add to the outfit.  Rebecca over at her blog Inside the Fashion Doll Studio has done some marvelous shots of her in her outfit and redressed, you need to check it out. Collecting Fashion dolls by Terri Gold also had a great post on her too, along with Ollie. I don't think she is a big Poppy fan. Me, I'm saving Poppy for last as she's a big sweet that is like candy- you save the best for last. :) 

She has great accessories. I did not put her earrings in as 1- I'm getting old and didn't feel like fighting with with the tapestry pin and 2- possibly losing another earring post.  No bitching about her shoes either- thankfully Integrity saw the wisdom of giving her pumps with this outfit. (thank goodness for vintage outfits and curse modern for those cursed tie up and laceup gladiator heels! lol! what village idiot thinks they make a woman's feet attractive has been watching too much late night porn, lol) 
Now onto what you've been waiting for...the diorama.

A person of interest has come into the sunroom after Detective Oliver Lawson left. Quickly she examines the gun. 

Expertly with gloved hands she examines the hammer and the revolver.No other bullets were loaded. 

One wonders what such a chic and elegant woman would blatantly walk through crime scene tape and tamper with evidence. Quietly, she listens for footsteps to see if anyone is coming. 


      Perceiving no one is coming,she continues with her examination of the gun and the room. She seems unintimidated by the blood and chalk outline of the body.  This cool, chic woman seems to be doing an investigation of her own...

Quietly, Detective Oliver Lawson has walked back to the crime scene and in shock sees the crime scene tape torn down from the door and an elegant woman holding the gun that has not yet been processed. She immediately senses his prescence in the room.

Within minutes, he has her cornered after he startles her. She drops the gun and immediately gives in to his questions, or so he thinks....

But his questions come up with more questions than answers as he quickly finds this elegant woman can turn the tears on and off like a faucet...and the rules do not apply to her. 
"Why did you compromise a crime scene?' he asks...
"She was my friend! She couldn't kill herself!! I don't believe it! " She wails, through crocodile tears...rightly so.
"You didn't answer my question...why did you pick upthat gun??" he asked again...
"I used to own a revolver like that. I always suspected Evie might have taken it. She was always jealous of me. She used to be jealous of my boyfriends, my clothes, my trust fund, ..."
"What???your trust fund??" the detective splutters..
"Evie was soooooo competitive. We were Debutants together.  You wouldn't understand Detective. Her father lost it all in 2008 real estate crash. The poor thing just couldn't keep a man."
"So was that your gun?" asked Detective Lawson.
"I will have to look up the papers on it.It wouldn't surprise if it is. It would be just like Evie to do this.  It looks like it could be."
"I suggest you look them up. And don't go out of town Miss--"
"Miss Von Weiss. Agnes Von Weiss"

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Express Post: World Doll Day Tag....

It is only just now that I was lazily browzing through my blogs and catching up on my reading when I read Billa's Blog and realized I had been tagged in the World Doll day tag post. Duh, I've been so slow on catching up on blog posts  so here it goes.

World Doll Day I wasn't sure of but I'm late to the party. Here's how it works.

Here are the Rules-

1. List 3 favorite dolls from the ones you got last year.
2. List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist
3. Tag 5 people do the same thing!(can be anyone, not just bloggers, anyone from the web)

So here are my lists.

Ones I got last year. 

Joyous Celebration Poppy Parker. I loved the gown, and vintage Francie look. She was simply stunning. One of the most lovely Poppy's I own. 

Holiday Celebration Poppy Parker. She is simply divine. When I had the chance, I bought her. You give up the kidney, no questions asked. lol. 

Registration Gloss Convention Erin doll. I received more dolls that are favorites from last year, but hey, only three.  So onto my other lists....

My wishlists....

True Royalty Vanessa has been on my wishlist as long as I can remember but I haven't won the lottery yet.  When I do, she will be the first thing I buy. 

In 2010, the IFDC 's theme was Alice in Wonderland and Jason Wu was the Designer of the dolls. I never could get my hands on this doll, the Red Queen. Again, another holy grail I need.

And another from that year's the Misaki Alice. She goes for simply insane prices but is adorable. I have always wanted her for my Alice collection and have looked at reproducing the outfit concept. She's so steampunk looking and has a look of the movie with Johnny Depp. She would go perfect with my Mattel Johnny Depp Mad Hatter. 

Now onto tagging 5 suckers I mean bloggers.....

1. D7ana
3. Muff
4. Phyllis
5. Miranda

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!  I decided to take a break as I am still working on some cool pics of Agnes Von Weiss and incorporating her into the murder scene diorama I created for Ollie. (hint: gloved hands. )  So today I decided to take out my 2nd set of Prince William and Princess Kate and their kiddies Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the newest arrival and do some holiday photos with them. My first set of this pair is still in their wedding attire, de-boxed and sits on my dresser in my bedroom, I bought this set on ebay a couple of years ago seperately, nude. I re-bodied Kate onto a Dynamite body which did not work so well- her head wobbles and which I haven't had the time to fix. I love to re-dress them and pose them but with so many new dolls coming into the herd, there has been alot of neglected dolls. They have to stand in line like the others. George is a Tommy doll I purchased at a show and Charlotte is a old Sunshine family infant doll I have had for years. 

Here are some more photos of their right royal family Father's day photo shoot.

Now onto a photo I'd like to share. This photo is of me, in front of a very realistic playhouse that used to be across from my great grandmother's home in Shelby, North Carolina over 45 years ago. It has long ago been moved as the house was sold by the family who owned it. The playhouse the little girl it was built for was my mother's age. I am about three years old in the picture and I estimate the year is 1968 when this picture was taken by my dad probably in the summer. We used to travel around June down to see my great-grandmother and the family for the reunion each year. 

Here is a photo of the playhouse.

It was made like a real house inside and out. It even had a real fireplace, though I doubted it worked. On the interior, it had a real little kitchen with cabinets for a child's size. Around the little fireplace were cunning little chairs and a table, soft little armchairs like a real parlor. There were doll beds for the dolls too. The windows and doors were child sized as well. 

The reason I tell this story? Well, My dad, Michael Herman Jones, took the picture. And there is a story behind why he took the picture.

This is my Dad, Michael. He passed away in 1969, when I was four. I have been blessed with a wonderful stepdad, who I love very very much. But I have always missed my dad. 

Now back to the reason he had to take the picture- as this is supposed to be a funny story. We were at my great grandmother's house and I had been begging all weekend to go to the playhouse or 'dollhouse' as everyone called it. 'Mike, take Lisa to the dollhouse and let her see it,'  and one day,  he was sleeping on the front porch and I nagged and begged until he finally agreed to take me across the street.The elderly gentleman who owned the large house was outside working in the yard and once Daddy spoke to him I did not stop, I made a beeline for that playhouse and went inside. I remember my dad saying Lisa we have to ask permission and the old gentleman laughing and saying, 'That's alright, she can go in', and once I was in ....'Well!'

What I remember most was everything was at my height, my size. I could reach the cabinets, the chairs, the windows were my height. What was really wonderful was even though the fireplace looked real, it wasn't, the bricks were 'carved' into the wood and painted.  I must have been in there a while because Daddy stuck his head and said, ok, Lisa come on, we have to go now and I said no- go home and get my dolls I want to play. Well, that got me a threat with the bull whip that didn't work and he tried to get inthrough the door and couldn't fit! I remember grinning at him and going into the far corner as I was not coming out. So my dad went out and talked a little more to the old gentleman and this is where my memory gets fuzzy. I must have had enough time to play and get bored or he bribed me but at some point he went and got the camera and must have got me to come out and take my picture in front of it- as we had the picture. That next year on my birthday when I turned four at my grandmother's house he and my grandfather built me a playhouse. Not as elaborate, but oh, how I loved it. I think it was here, that my love for miniatures and dolls tiny stuff was born.  I would say this picture is one of my favorites just for the funny memory of him trying to squeeze through that tiny door and drag my three year old butt home. He never had to discipline me, just point at the bull whip and talk sternly to me, my mother was the same.

I thought you would enjoy this little Father's day story as it brings back a fun memory of my dad and those that are not with us always live on in memories, especially happy ones. He was a prankster, and could not resist a good joke. 
Wishing all of you a Happy Father's day!Lisa

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vice Effect OllieLawson

I decided to start this blog entry off with the Vice Effect Ollie Lawson. Many of the W club members said he reminded them of Don Johnson from Miami Vice and I think that was the inspiration for this doll. Though I didn't watch the iconic show much in the 80's, I can appreciate the iconic look. Thank you W club for creating a doll that is so appealing. Of course, I could not let this doll enter the doll room without pulling out all the stops, er, props. 

Oliver Lawson is a new detective in town. The crime lab has finished and the coroner has just picked up the body. 'Apparent suicide' is what everyone is saying but something doesn't look right to Ollie. The crime scene is too clean, no note, a plate of fruit, a glass of champagne, and a bucket with whole bottle chilling...the old intuition tells Ollie something is not adding the victim was said to be right handed....
I got the tape from Amazon, I believe I blogged about it a couple of months ago. I was just waiting for the right doll to get it right. I used chalk and drew around one of my naked Poppy dolls waiting to be dressed, and drew red acrylic paint onto the floor, which can be wiped off later after this diorama is finished. I still might create a crime scene to go with this so Ollie can investigate. 

Now some closeups of this doll. He is so great! I absolutely love him!

His watch has real little links in it like the watches from the 80's and stretches- it really stretches! But of course you don't need to do that since his hands come off. His sunglasses are nice too. I love his outfit and just haven't taken off his blazer, the t-shirt is pink and tight and looks great on him. He looks ready for clubbing or dating or investigating crime. My ladies are going to go ga-ga over him. Agnes will hate him, probably. (She's not crazy about cops, lol) 
Now I need to pull out my dolls that are dressed like policeman for backup. The only thing he's missing is the white Ferrari....

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ruruko Dreaming is in the House!

I had FOUR dolls arrive today! Hubby got home early today so couldn't hide the dollies arriving. My W club registration dolls came in and so did my gorgeous little Ruruko Dreaming that I had ordered from Denise Travers of 
Peach of A Doll .

To make this dolly week even more exciting, I have ANOTHER doll coming in this week as well. Oh the pleasures of having friends on facebook who love to clean out their multiples on Facebook, Dollpages, and the dolly boards. 
Mr. Dollface or Sal was by chance selling a Barbie Basics Model No. 14 of the very hard to find 002.5 collection, with the platinum white blonde hair. I have included the link from so you can see what she looks like. He had even put her on a pivatol body!! Usually this doll runs into obscene prices on the secondary market. She's a black label and looks stunningly like the 1st Haunted Beauty ghost. (which is why I wanted her!) ta da! Hopefully she will arrive tomorrow. (doing the dolly dance). 

But back to Ruruko Dreaming arriving today. I took some adorable pics of her today. I will get to deboxing the rest of my lovelies and think of suitable photo shoots for them. I am tired of taking quickie photo shoots, I want to take some really nice photos of each one before introducing them into the doll room before they disappear. My little Ruruko is promising to steal my heart with that little oldfashioned sweetness she has going on.  I think I may name her Rose, after Laura Ingall's daughter, Rose Wilder Lane.