Friday, July 31, 2015

Part ll of Hippy Dippy Poppy Parker & the Model Scene

Part ll of the Hippy Dippy Poppy Parker saga. Sometimes I think a doll's attraction does not grab us until we hold her in our hands, or see her.The promo pics do not really do her justice. (another doll that comes to mind is the newest Haunted Beauty - the zombie , whose pics from the Barbie convention are floating about. Her promo pics were bleh. Too pink, too unfinished, lacking. But the attendees pics of the actual doll show something that the promos did not.) And so it was with Hippy Dippy or Athena. I think the same came be said with her predecessor, Groovy Galore, our registration doll. I am so glad I went ahead and got this lovely. Though she is very basic, she is what I consider the first in the model scene with the makeup they are using on all of these dolls, the blue eye shadown, the heavy applied eyelashes, the pink lips. 

The appeal of Hippy Dippy is she came with an extra outfit, that cute boater/ evening gown with little flower sequins all over it and black stockings to go with her boots. Gave her a Nancy Sinatra/These Boots are gonna walk all over you type of look. That's the song that kept going thru my head as I did these shots. I decided to pair up Groovy Galore with her in a little black dress with her gold earrings and gold shoes, sort of a la Goldfinger from that era of the 60's versus the 70's and go from there. 

Here they are....

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hippy Dippy Poppy Parker

My lottery doll, Hippy Dippy Poppy Parker, has been here for a while, and laying about forlornly while I debated about to debox to not de-box? When I first unpacked her I wasn't taken with her. I had Starlight Poppy from convention and I thought one redhead was enough...and put the top back on the box. But then I began to see pics of her. I thought about selling her, after all she was a lottery doll and there were only 700 of her...and we all know how Integrity keeps their word on that...just check Ebay on those ultra limited dolls ...(insert evil giggle here) . ....Which, after seeing this lovely doll go for less than $200 I wasn't going to give her away, so decided to de-box and enjoy the Poppy goodness. 

I must have been out of my mind to think of selling this lovely siren. Today I decided to debox her. But I also wanted to take my time to do the right photoshoot. I am so tired of doing quickie pictures. Since slowing my schedule down I like taking my time..and getting the perfect shot. The boxes the Model scene Poppys are coming in gave me the idea of a model shoot. So I got out a few a props and began to experiment. 

I didn't show my new Poppy's little black dress today, that will be another blog entry. For today, she's hip, she's happening, she's my new model 

Enjoy the photos! ~ Lisa

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

To the Market...

I did a little playing with some of the new dolls, and my marketstall, which I haven't really played around with. I have another one I am working on, an on again/off again project that will display the fruits and veggies/cheeses as my goal was to have a market place. To the Fair Poppy took a liking to Ollie Lawson who just arrived, or I should say, Detective Oliver Lawson, so they went strolling in the alley marketplace. 

Groovy Galore , I haven't quite picked a name for her yet. She hasn't been undressed yet and the name Candy still is floating about in my head. Maybe if I get her out of that striped dress something else will pop up.

To the Fair Poppy (Patty) just has to make a scene and get some me time, she's that kind of doll. Wants all eyes on her. Those new Barbie fashionista shoes fit their feet pretty good.

Hope you enjoyed the pics, and the marketstall shopping!~Lisa

Friday, July 17, 2015

Queen of the Dark Forest review..

Queen of the Dark Forest has arrived and she is a very stunning doll! Unlike her predecessor, Lady of the White Woods, I immediately de-boxed her. I set up a little forest dio for her in this shoot. Warning- she is a hard doll to shoot because of the darkness of her costume, she gets alot of glare because of her skin tone and the fabric has a fake dragon skin gloss/sheen to it. So it does reflect a bit and that head dress/crown and neckpiece also reflect light too. So you may need to get some shaders in there when working with her. 

Here she is in still in the box. She comes like the others with a clear plastic piece so you can display her.

Her dress is done in a Anne Boleyn style with the furred sleeves, and underneath there is a plastic skirt around her model muse body to keep the dress from staining. The dress has snap closure! 

very bad photo of her shoes, which are really remarkable.

*I am using a poppy parker stand, she has the cheapo plastic Mattel stand, which I hate. I did not take it out of the box, I do not use these stands as they do not help the doll stand very well. I like Integrity stands better.

Her crown, neckpiece and staff are made of molded plastic but the staff appears to be flimsy so be very careful with it, it bends too easily in my opinion. 

Her arms bend at the elbow and her wrists bend, but her legs do not, same old same old- model muse legs, articulated arms. Mattel needs to start giving us a FULLY PIVATOL DOLL FOR $100!! That's my biggest problem with these $100 dolls. I don't care about the collector people who just want to display a mannequin- you need to get with the program if you haven't already arrived to the W club and don't know what you're missing in articulation and ability to pose. (ok rant on articulation over, LOL)

The outfit is extremely nice, and much more nicely done than Lady of the White Woods which I was afraid to take out of the box. Lady of the White Woods had better shoes. But now some more pics...