Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 W club is here now!

AND UP on the great screen, with new lines and new characters! Posting here previously about my little Buffy saga, I realized I haven't posted any pics on the dollhouse in a long, long time. Unfortunately, these past two to three weeks- boy February has flown away! have passed by so quickly even getting to my projects and the dollhouse is difficult, and for now it still resides in the large workshop, unfinished. Hopefully when warmer weather is here, it can move to the small office studio and I can get to work, work, work.

Today I sat with nerves on edge like everyone else- the prices and pre-orders began for the new line of 2009 of the W club Fashion Royalty dolls. I am so glad I didn't spend the moolah on the club doll Eugenia, but have instead pre-ordered the new character- a la vintage Poppy Parker!

Summer Magic, Pillow Talk, & Reluctant Debutante will soon be mine! And the first two will arrive in May, just in time for my birthday! What better birthday present could someone have??

Still working on Bewitching Hour Luchia's regency dress outfit. Her dress is done, and so is her shawl, but I would like to dress her hair in a romantic 'Sense & Sensibility' Kate Winslet style, sort of grecian/roman with the ringlets hanging down. Just haven't got around to experimenting with her hair yet, and hair ornaments.


Sideshow Buffy is here!

A NEW Diorama starring our prom-gown clad superhero who meets 'Vamps' in their suite, but
are they really great Vixens with credit cards??? Tune in here at this blog, same vamp channel, same vixen hour!

Sideshow Buffy the Vampire Slayer arrived from Ebay (at a very good price!) over a week ago, I think. Ihave been so busy here that it took me a day or so to take her out of the box. I was a little disappointed- she is so, well, chunky. Has great articulation, (and weapons!) SOOOOOO, I thought how fun it would be to do a skit where Buffy meets my snobby Fashion Royalty gals in all of their elegance & designer labels, and came up with a little quick skit. My Agnes was not amused! LOL!

You can also see the diorama on