Sunday, February 26, 2012

Doll room progress.......

Lots of progress this Sunday on the doll room, between working on my calendar for this week, packing orders, answering email, & trying to squeeze dolly build time in. I managed to get the Skipper bedroom moved to the top shelf where some of the dolls will be displayed, and make the roof of the dollhouse- Maison de la Royale, a roof terrace as it was intended to be. I have purchased some green felt you see in the foreground, and am toying with the idea of creating frontscapes of faux buildings so the dolls have a small village/street nearby to congregate with their cars, picnic table, etc. I would like more elaborate furniture for the roof terrace, so it resembles a pied a terre....
I also did some major re-arranging and cleanup of the dollhouse. the bottom room on the first floor next to the garage was originally supposed to be the kitchen- the problem- the Sinday kitchen furniture was too tall with a foamcore floor in there- at least the oven unit was! So I will be revamping this room and carefully looking for items to become a kitchen in a grand mansion- I've decided to stick to the original plan, which was the kitchen was not supposed to be homey but that would be where the maid, cook, butler, housekeeper I haven't really figured what dolls will be the butler, cook, etc. but I do know I will need to find the uniforms. Have always wanted the french maid silkie- she looks like the perfect maid.
The furniture that was stored in that bottom room I moved over to the shelf I was going to use for my schoolroom- which will have to wait. I am going to work on one or two rooms at a time- and I currently have the Japanese room and the McDonald's which need some work with the details. The new kitchen in the dollhouse mansion will have to wait.....when I order dollhouse tile for the mcDonald's I will probably double my order for the mansion's kitchen as well. One good thing is I was able to hang the chandelier in the dining room, I still need to find batteries for it as well as the jag. I have toyed with the idea of making what I want to be the kitchen an elegant office, may hold off on that. The roof terrace idea may be tossed and the office diorama may go ontop of the dollhouse, picnic table was by Warhammer Studios, and is made like a 'real' picnic table. I have not finished it because it is such a lovely made piece.
It is very satisfying to be able to get the details correct- I found the Hummel teaset still in its packaging and it looked perfect in front of Agnes, pouring tea. The new little dog I found is perfect on Luchia's lap, and the room looks like a Baroness's bedroom should look. This is why I need a maid doll, and a cook, a butler, and possibly a chauffuer as well. lol. May start looking for action figures soon to fill those spots.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Preparing for Hinamatsuri, the Doll show, more diorama building...

I had a fun filled doll day today- not only did I finish & complete the walls of the Japanese room diorama, but I attended the Capital Doll club show and sale today! Found some marvelous deals and for once I did not go as a dealer- decided to participate as a customer and boy it was fun! More on my finds later- I will go about the completion of the shelf display for the Hinamatsuri set by Re-ment I have.
I have always wanted to have the dolls celebrate the Japanese Girls' day festival, otherwise known as the Doll Festival. It takes place on the third day of the third month. I wished to replicate in 1:6 scale the dolls from the two books by Rumor Godden, 'Miss Happiness & Miss Flower' & the sequel,'Little Plum' where the doll festival is celebrated by the children and the dolls. I have replicated Miss Happiness, and hopefully will soon be creating Miss Flower. I have another kimono, but not as pretty as Miss Happiness'...I have the book 'Little Plum' out but cannot for the life of me find the original that had plans on how to build a Japanese dollhouse! I am now trying to figure out how to create the shoji paper screens. For now, I have the black walls up and the doll festival set up, it is looking good. I am going to make some cushions, and then display a table with tea.  This set has been in its packaging ever since I purchased it, and tonight I just unwrapped it- it is astonishing the detail, especially on the Emperor and the Empress.

Above is one of the displays at the doll show, put on by the Capital doll club of Va. They are wonderful ladies, and I once did a presentation for their club meeting on Bespaq, and the history of it. Above is their theme of the their display table with some of the club members' displays- the theme this year was Mardi Gras. Was not as large as it usually is.
Last picture is my goodies- sorry the picture is not turned correctly. The schooldesks were being sold for $2 each! The little bag with the Kelly table and chair, bookcase, globe and tub were $1!! Now I had the beginnings of my schoolroom for Skipper, Scooter, Todd, Chelsea, Stacie and Kelly! Next diorama is the school room/preschool. Behind those items are That Girl Barbie, ($12) and Mickey Mouse Barbie ($8) both still in the box! I also picked up what I believe is a little Randall Craig dog with pink leash, and a pair of Ken jeans for $2 as well. I could have bought more!
I wanted to start on the schoolroom diorama, but didn't- I figured that getting the Japanese room done is what needs to be done quickly. Instead of buying $5 black foamcore, I purchased black contact paper from Lowe's and covered the white foamcore with it! Trying to save dolly money! Plus, I need special red and white floor tile for McDonald's, and so will have to order it so it will be in the correct scale. Next week is Hinamatsuri and I probably will have no time at all that day to play dolls...that day is a full day for me. Between auctions and packaging, and working on hubby's business, doll time is tight.
I am planning more details for the doll town, or Barbietown. Trying to figure out how in my limited space to make it look like a doll town!
More later, and enjoy the pics of Miss Happiness!

Friday, February 24, 2012

quick note- Some 1:6 scale Bespaq currently on auction!

New auctions up on Ebay on these lovely 1:6 scale intact Bespaq pieces- click HERE for the link to all of my auctions. These pieces are ending soon- the French tea table is on a 3 day auction and the bijou tea table and mirror should be ending soon as well. Mirror is flawed- it appears to me to slightly 'lean'. ALL of these auctions are starting at a ridiculous low bid of $9.99 for these pieces- I am having to make room quickly in our storage unit as well as my office!!
I have also advertised these pieces on Doll Divas  forum as well, so mark the auction link- I will be posting more as I go thru the boxes- I have two-three more boxes to go thru and list!
Thank you for looking at my Auctions!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

McDonald's goodies off of Ebay

More goodies have arrived off of Ebay for the McDonald's in mini! The two came from two different sellers- the recycle wheelie bin pencil holder came with free shipping and is so darn cute! I may order another one, it looks so great with the dolls! Then the McDonald's takeout window lot I won on a last minute bid. At first I had regretted it but didn't when I opened it up- this was a great win! It is a little dusty but nothing that cannot be fixed. I was amazed that it was in such good condition for being played with- it even had the little pie rack with the little pies, as well as the earphone headset for the doll! The little trash bin lid will have to be fixed, but that isn't a problem. I did some placement photos to figure out what I need next to start the build of the walls, etc.

Here is the overall placement in the first pic- the back kitchen where the takeout counter will be will be done with white foamcore, front in yellow foamcore. The takeout window in a regular McDonald's is always adjacent to the front counter/side by side with it and to the kitchen where the food is prepared. The takeout counter will be so large some items will not be used in the kitchen.In the third pic is the kitchen placement. I am going to use the fashion royalty box, covered in silver paper as the back grill and counter- this is going to be a work in itself- I want to have a grill cook with the raw burgers on the grill, etc. I want to make it look as realistic as possible. I will probably use black and white diamond miniature dollhouse tile on this floor and red and white diamond tile on the front dining area. My only problem was I wanted to do the mini playground as well, but that will have to be for the future larger setup( if I get to do it) when the display room is moved. I have another table besides the teal one, and then the round one with the stools that came with this set. That round table may go  underneath a window. So far, so good!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday fun with the cast & crew...

I have been having some fun, more than I realized, with the new dolls that have arrived, and re-organizing items in the doll room. Ever had that project you just can't get out of your head??That has been what is up with me. I just can't get the One Sixth Scale dolls out of my head, I keep dreaming up more storylines and scenes, etc. than I can build. It didn't used to always be this way- I had strayed from the dollhouse for a few months. I still bought dolls- I'm addicted. But my passion had kind of fell flat. It is amazing what organizing what you have can do for your dolly play.  That said, I have been finding all sorts of cool items that can be used in the kitchen for McDonald's. I have also discovered that the restuarant is being built for the owner , my mini-me doll that hasn't arrived yet. Evidently she has investments in the One Sixth Scale world, you Here are a few fun scenes I took today while sifting /sorting.
Barbie Basics Ken is trying on his blaze orange vest, and working on the jag. Just brought in his home depot bucket.

These little plastic containers are the bomb. I took pics of Becky with Ricky organizing them for the diorama. The ones Ricky is holding are the little containers that those gummi sandwich and burger & ice cream cone candies come in in the packages with several to a package. The candy is shaped like a hamburger, ice cream, sub sandwich, etc. I think I saved them all because of the long size of them- perfect for holding food items in 1:6 scale! The round container was purchased in the art department at Michael's for .99 cents - it is meant to hold paint.

Poppy came in with her crew of friends...turns out Mini-me Lisa wanted her assistant, Poppy to check upon the progress of the McDonald's and see what was holding up the building process. Poppy knew she was going to see Bryan Cooper (Coop) who was the current 'temporary' manager of setting up the restuarant. But her feelings got the better of her, and for the first time, Coop has figured out- it's just dawning on him, that Poppy REALLY likes him....especially when she leaves quickly without waiting for an answer to the prgress of the building questions she's asked.
So far, that is the beginning of the story as to how I've thought of it. Haven't given it much cohesion, but it is truly amazing what a few poses can bring on as far as a storyline goes. I'm looking forward to the McDonald's bringing together alot of the characters, especially the teenagers in the group. (I haven't dragged out my Buffy yet or made her a chicken hat like she wore in the series...) Instead of a faithful replica of 'McDonald's' I may go with a McDonald's Diner or McDonald's Grill....the ideas are still coming!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making more progress with the doll room...

....and it is slow going. Today I made alot of progress. The tiny bjd's dollhouse was moved to what used to be my desk, so I could have room to work on the McDonald's diorama. I really cleaned up alot of useless items out of the doll room, and pushed the shelves on the right  together. Here are some pics so far...

Looks crowded, but it isn't as crowded as it was previously!. The plastic shelves that assemble are not the best, but I got them on sale a few years ago and work quite well. The shelf next to the Sindy kitchen (kitchen diorama is quite messy, I was putting stuff to the side to work on placement) The top shelves will be where the Fashion Royalty & Barbies reside on their stands until I need to use them in a scene. The shelf next to the Sindy kitchen will be a Japanese room- scene I am planning for the Girl's Festival or Doll Festival. I'm still getting ideas for that one.
Alot more will be cleaned off the shelves. Two shelves underneath the Sindy diorama will be for stray furniture props and plastic tubs with tiny items- such as accessories, etc.
But back to the McDonald's ....
I cut one piece of foamcore for the base to complete it- and played with placement a bit. The dining area will be done in yellow foamcore - where the serving area and back kitchen, and take out window will be will be done in white. I had black and cream checkerboard wallpaper- but it did not look right with the yellow and red, so back to the drawing board. I may be buying white and red tile pvc dollhouse sheeting to complete this, if I cannot find white and red- hubby is insisting that the floor be done in white and red when I asked his opinion...I'm thinking it will be somewhat 'too' busy. I will also need another crossbuck door. The door will need to have its frame painted silver, the crosspanes in the upper part of the door cut out, and the door painted red. I'm going for a late 70's early 80's feel for this room scene, since this is where the dolls will 'hang' out in the town of Pumpkin Hill.

As you can see above, the fry station counters will have to be raised as will the front cashier counters as well, I figure by about 1 1 /2 inch. The takeout window will be to the far left , with the kitchen to the side. I am wondering if I should put a back door in the kitchen, but it will take up space as well as be problematic. I can make a fake door, out of foamcore, wrapped in silver paper, to create the illusion. Since I have one of those recycle bins (pencil holder) coming, that may go next to the door. When the display room is moved to a bigger room in our home, I will be able to do a back door withoutside, and trash bins, etc. Right now, I will have to create the illusion with what space I have.
I still like the idea of the Fashion Royalty box wrapped in silver paper as a counter, but am now thinking that it will go on the back wall. The fake door might have to go all the way to the extreme left as the grill will be made on the back wall, where they fry the burgers, etc. I was going to use the extra fry frame as the hood of the grill, haven't yet figured that item how to out yet. I think it would be cool to have the raw burgers on the grill, and someone else assembling take out on another part of the counter, etc.
I inventoried my Rement and have enough to start with the other food items I have from vintage playsets. Items I will need more of are the tables, chairs, signage and the Barbie McDonald aprons, caps, uniform shirts.
So far, so good, this is a fun build!