Monday, June 30, 2014

Va Fashion doll club- theme- Military dolls & Fourth of July

Yesterday on Sunday, June 29th was our Va. Fashion doll club and the themes were Military garbed dolls and Fourth of July. We had red white and blue decorations, picnic foods for refreshments and we also all wore red white and blue to  match the decor and our dolls we brought for the celebration. The meeting was held this time at Jodie's house, with hot dogs, turkey burgers, deviled eggs, fruit, cheesecake, cupcakes, cole slaw, potato salad, pasta salad, sodas, tea, and more!

The doll display was set up around a birdcage gazebo that Jodie had altered by removing some of the wires and on top weaving black ribbon to resemble a tar shingled roof- stunning- along with two Byer's choice lanterns , fencing, trees, and other decorations such as my picnic table, park benches, grills for the dolls to grill, as well as a cruiser parade car, on red white and blue fourth of july themed fabrics. There were displays throughout the house, in the hall, kitchen and den.

The presentation was given by our club member, Nita who brought military themed dolls and told us the history of Barbie & Ken in uniform, as well as showing us some military dressed GI Joes which was fun too.

After lunch, the doll displays, the presentation and show and tell, we got to see Jodie's doll room! This was  a marvelous display of dolls. The shelves were on one wall, with rounded or finished ends that held themed displays & or dioramas. One each shelf had 'tiers' so there were dolls on each shelf tiered three to four deep, all in different costumes, vintage, modern, silkstones, and more. Jodie is a die hard vintage vehicle collector and she had an amazing array of themed cars, buses, rv's and so on. There were doors on her large shelf display to keep out the dust. There were probably about 200-300 dolls at the estimate of one of our club members.

Jodies' collection is simply astounding, and she doesn't necessarily display her collection with any order- vintage, silkstones, etc but so it is pleasing to the eye, which was quite fun and interesting to look at. Many of her outfits are custom made for her or she makes herself, from different sellers on ebay and Etsy. It was a ton of fun and I hope you enjoy the pictures of our Fourth of July themed club meeting!