Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prototype Christmas cards photos done! Reluctant Debutant has arrived!

I have been working for the last month on ideas for my shop's custom Christmas cards I do with the dolls each year, and was just not coming up with any ideas at all. Last year was the first year before launching my business as a brick & mortar that I did the custom Christmas cards, and this year as our first year in business, I wanted to surpass last year. My hardest part, has been finding a tree in 1/6 scale that looked somewhat suitable! I finally found one that would fit in with Ricky Santa well, at the Family Dollar store for $3 with fiber optic lights- what I liked most of all was the tree base- it was a resin base made to look like Santa's gift bag with bow. Lights did not work on it, but it worked well in the dollhouse & for this picture.

Each year I do the Christmas card for my own enjoyment, as well as for the customers of King William Miniatures. I send them by mail to those who have ordered, or are on our newsletter mailing, and also include them with orders on our Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios as well. I try to include my favorite dolls, as well as the new dolls from the W club that I purchase, and any new silkstones also; sometimes new dolls just don't have the look or facial expressions I want for that particular scene.

Reluctant Debutante Poppy Parker arrived this week, along with the Wicked witch of the East- a ho-hum purchase, but couldn't spend alot from BBC as I had the BJD payment to make for my Soulkid on Layaway at Denver Doll Emporium. Still haven't de-boxed the witch- that is another diorama I haven't finished yet either.

Poppy looked so awesome- I had no idea the coat was faux fur!!! She was so perfect for Christmas! I remember this was how my aunt used to dress in the 60's with the quarter length gloves, and the bow in the hair. Remember Easter coats? I had one when I was about fifteen, that had belonged to my mother's sister (my aunt was elevent years older than me-) and was preserved and passed on to me when I grew into it- I loved that mustard yellow coat made of a chenille fabric, and lined- this Poppy reminded me of that oh so darling look from the 60's that is classic Hayley Mills/Annette Funicello. Alas, I had to grow up in the 70's hippy era when no one had

I used a variety of dolls for this scene, and also our burgundy Bespaq wingchair- which is classic Santa. Santa's list is comprised of names of friends, family, and relatives in my life- my stepdaughter Amanda's name is at the top of Ricky Santa's list- this is the nice list. The scene is meant to represent Santa in the department store, with the lady nearby who gives you your 'gift' in a Christmas gown (Pillow Talk Poppy Parker in Barbie 1988 Christmas dress) with all of the children waiting in line to talk to Santa and tell him their list. Of course, the mothers and happy shoppers are standing nearby with presents and bags, watching the scene. Dolls inthe scene are Ricky Santa, Career girl 2009 Club doll Barbie, Grandma Barbie holding Sunshine Family baby Steven, Highland Fling silkstone dressed in a vintage outfit, Body Double Veronique dressed in one of the Moods collection 20's coat and hat, Reluctant Debutante Poppy Parker, and Agnes Von Weiss Concerto in M wearing Fashion Editor sheath and hat, and carrying Going Public Eugenia's purse. Kelly dolls are: 2008 Christmas Kelly dressed like Santa and the toy soldier, Kelly in Santa's lap is McDonald's Kelly from a giftset on Ebay; little doll in pink was Kelly sized and from Big Lots-a generic doll; and the other Kelly with long hair was another Ebay purchase.
Rails with drape were made from dollhouse fence/balstrade posts, painted with rub n buff florentine gold, and mounted on 1 inch squares of balsa, the trim was glued from post to post, one has an exit sign on it and the other has a sign Line starts here. Toys are a variety of Re-ment, and ornaments that are 1/6 scale size- including the Barbie dream house. Chair and french table are Bespaq and available in my shop or on our website, as is the oriental carpet.

Enjoy the pictures- and let me know if you would like to receive our Christmas card this year- send me an email through the blog!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

New doll arrival...

I have a new doll who has arrived, the Wicked Witch of the East from I used my $30 award to get her. For some reason I just wasn't attracted by some of the new dolls on the site- I guess because I am patiently waiting for my Reluctant Debutante Poppy Parker's arrival! and yes, she is finally on her way- yeah me! Hopefully she will be here by Monday or Tuesday. So here's a pic of the wicked witch of the east- I just opened her after her arrival earlier this week.

Hopefully I will have some pics of the Christmas decor going on in the dollhouse, I have been somewhat busy for the shop's Christmas decorating, which has taken up dolly time.