Saturday, July 18, 2020

More Ultimately Madra Lord.....

I decided to 'play' more with Madra, and was going to put her into another outfit I had on I went to undress her. Underneath her Pink with Envy outfit she was wearing....SQUEE! She was wearing her original loungerie with bra, panties, stockings, and garters!

                The shoes are from the Pink with Envy outfit. 


She is a gorgeous doll. Here is a close up . She has such a contemplative face.

Here is Madra adjusting those pesky garters and straightening her stockings. She is also going to have some tea/ or cafe au lait and a pastry before getting dressed. 

Ultimately Madra Lord doll- Ashton-Drake (Ebay seller sla2 )
Food created by me
Assorted plants came from Michael's
Picture on wall- Antique store find
Tea set from Tuesday Morning
rug- Dollhouse Miniature
Chair and Table in 1:4 scale- Bespaq, retired pieces, no longer manufactured

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Madra Lord doll has arrived...

So I have been enthralled with Gene Marshall dolls and friends...and have been wanting for a while to purchase these dolls again. 

A few years ago, I had purchased Ivy Jordan 'Vee for Tea' in 2007-2008 when Jason Wu teamed with Mel Odom and re-did the line in full articulation with resin and they were gorgeous. I did not purchase the entire line at that time as I was just becoming a member of the club and was quite overwhelmed with the dolls, the cost, etc.  I did also purchase Careless Kisses Madra Lord. Her gown and jewelry were gorgeous. 

For some reason, a few years later, I sold these two dolls. I think I sold them because of space, and sometimes, I get into the rut most doll collectors do- guilt over having so many dolls and not enough time to give to all of them, so I sell them to make space for more that are coming. Then I usually find I regret selling those treasures later on down the road. 

I had seen this doll on ebay and she was listed as Jason Wu/Ashton Drake Madra Lord Pink Envy was evident the seller did not know which edition she was. I did not know either. The doll had long vibrant, red hair. I had never seen a Madra Lord with red hair and that was articulated and had never seen a fully articulated Ashton Drake edition. This one had articulated elbows and knees. I think that was why the seller, quite understandably, assumed it was a Jason Wu edition. 

She is lovely. The franken priority mail box I got her in was crushed on one side, but thankfully, the seller had wrapped the box in strong saran so that did not harm the doll . It irritated me that they wrapped the dolls head in bubble but did not wrap the doll in bubble wrap, simply wrapped the stand in saran and put the doll and the stand in a plastic bag! If that box had been crushed any more my doll would have been toast!

So here are photos of Madra, my first Gene doll and I am hoping to go on to more. 

From my research on the Gene doll message boards, she is an 'Ultimately Madra" doll who would have come out in 2002 , a basic doll who would have come out in her loungerie and been redressed, one of the first ones to have been fully articulated and by Ashton-Drake according to the Gene Marshall Wiki. 

I love this doll's face. She has a delicate coloring and a beauty mark below her right eyebrow. I can hardly wait to get her a friend and maybe some patterns to try to make some clothing for her. 

More dolls coming soon! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

 George Washington Barbie is standing near the Bespaq desk which holds the Declaration of Independence (a magnet from a Williamsburg souvenir store) 

We celebrated today, my husband and I , by grilling yet eating indoors. The temperatures were hot!

We had hamburgers & hot dogs, pickles, potato salad, gourmet salsa & chips, and red velvet cake with buttercream icing and blue sugar sprinkles. To top it off we also had a cranberry and lime seltzer water spritzer with a lime wedge to cool off. Very yummy. 

As you can tell, I have been busy decorating, and still not done! I did not get to my Tammy photos, or my Annabelle and Marie Terese dressed for today. I will get them dressed in the patriotic mood and hopefully post some of them tomorrow to carry the theme. I love the red , white and blue theme, it is so festive. My UFDC Marcus would make a great Uncle Sam. 

Enjoy! And Happy Fourth of July!