Sunday, July 9, 2023

Rosie Riveter outfit for Madra

I finished the Rosie Riveter outfit for Madra on Friday and got photos done that day, but with all I have had going on, no time to blog/ post. The overall pattern is very indepth complicated, so I had to kind of wing it in the end on my own. Patterns are not my forte, so in my sewing career, alot of times I just 'wing it' and hope for the best, especially when I am in a time crunch. 

Here are alot of photos of here by herself and with the other girls-

 and our Fourth of July photo pic-

I have really enjoyed sewing outfits for the larger girls and am going to embark on sewing Halloween / Fall outfits for them all now, including Barbie/ Skipper and Poppy Parker and even Ken as well as my Gene Marshall dolls . I have a bunch of fun fall/ Hallween autumn fabrics that will be festive and and it will be great to start now to keep my hands busy and match up the table settings. Just to need to look for a Halloween table cloth, since I have a fall one. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Happy Fourth of July!

           Happy Fourth of July!

Not all of my sewing projects for Fourth of July were done, still working on one for the Gene Marshall dolls. But got enough done for cute photos. 

The last photo is what is finished so far on my take of Rosie Riveter. I have finished her blouse and her headscarf, working on those overalls. I have so far finished four skirts and five blouses. alot of sewing so far. After Fourth of July I will be going through my stash and looking at Fall/ Halloween fabrics to get the Gene and Tonner dolls ready for those Holidays.
I will post photos of the finished Rosie later this week. I am repurposing an old worn out pair of my jeans for her overalls which I saved. Never throw anything away! lol!

Enjoy a happy Fourth of July! ~Lisa 

Monday, July 3, 2023

More Sewing for Gene Marshall

I am almost finished with my Fourth of July project for sewing outfits for Gene Marshall and my Tonner doll. So far, four outfits have been completed. I have one last outfit, the Rosie Riveter, that I am now working on. 

Here are the photos so far. I am really pleased with the results. 

 Today I finished the blue blouse to go with Gene's patriotic skirt, and I am working at the same time on another blue one for Rosie Riveter with blue overalls. I wanted to get at least one blue blouse done today. I did get Rosie's head scarf done this morning as well as cutting out the overalls partly, from an old worn out pair of my old jeans, the fabric is perfect since it is so soft. 

Last night / Yesterday I finished Vee's blue skirt and white blouse and she looks lovely with her blue and white mules next to Gene , I think redheads look great in navy blue and white, spectator colors. 

I am hoping by Fourth of July to have Rosie's outfit done! Lisa