Sunday, September 24, 2017

Halloween Preparations.....

I have been sewing again...for the Poppys. They are obnoxious little dolls, who always want MORE clothes for special holidays. So out came the patterns and of course when they saw all the pretty Halloween fabrics that came home, they demanded some Halloween party outfits. 

Starlight Poppy and Brunette Moods Changer Poppy were wearing my first two creations...Scaredy Cat and Pumpkin Party. 

Scaredy Cat is made out of 100% cotton with black cats. The top is a sweater in a matching neon green. 

Pumpkin Party has orange tulle sewn into the underskirt and is a 100% cotton with jack o' lanterns scattered across it in a pattern. The blouse is a solid orange cotton as well. Both blouse and skirt have a snap closure. 

I am working on another couple of sets like this, with the net tulle ruffle in the skirts with a matching blouse. If they come up good enough, I may list them in my ebay store. I haven't decided yet. Right now it has been fun making them for my dolls. I also have some Thanksgiving prints. 

Sewing has been my release in the last couple of weeks, and I adore sewing for the holidays. I recently completed a few custom dolls for the doll club raffle coming up in October. 

These are some fun 'Halloween' dolls- Pumpkin Barbie and 'FrankenKen' that I completed not long ago. I haven't decided if I will be turning in these for the raffle as of yet, I might give them as gifts. They come with treat bags/boxes and masks. I made their costumes out of socks, and Ken has been customized. 

This doll is  a raffle doll for the club raffle. Every year my doll club has a raffle with donated doll items to defray the cost of the Christmas party. It is alot of fun and we all enjoy it. I created this doll as if Barbie is going out for an evening at the opera or the ballet. The dress is handbeaded, on blue brocade, the cape is lined with white taffeta and edged with recycled with blue Norwegian silver fox fur. Barbie is a reproduction doll. Her shoes and purse and gown have Swarvorski crystals and Czech glass beads on them. This doll took about 7-10 days and 20-35 hours of work from start to finish. 

Enjoy the pics!

Friday, September 8, 2017

No. 8 Fashionista Ken

I finally acquired this hunky Ken after much searching at my local Walmart- his shirt says Malibu on it. I think of him as the new modern improved Malibu Ken. He is No. #8 Fashionista Ken and he is 'hunky' with a bulky build, and looks like Ken 'ought' to and not so feminine. I know I will get reamed here, but I purely hate the man-bun Ken and the effeiminate Ken dolls. I like male dolls that look like men. lol ...and so do my new Poppy Parker loves him!