Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 3..Angel in Blue Poppy Parker luncheon

I didn't get to win Angel in Blue Poppy Parker centerpiece. She was reaaal groovy...because hey, Poppy is getting into the Fashion  Model scene for 2015!

David of course teased us with what's in store for Poppy this coming year in 2015.

Twiggy, The Ford Agency, and several other high profile photographers and models and fashion editors were the inspiration behind the coming new Model fashion agency line.

What's a modeling agency without a swanky high profile photographer?Enter a new character called Nigel North!

All of these epic high profile models, photographers, fashion editors, & modeling agencies, THe Ford Agency, were the inspiration for:

The Model..Scene.....!!!

But they weren't finished yet!
Here was our giveaway doll! Still on the slow boat from China, like the other dolls, but hey I can wait!
She's that adorable!

It looks like Beatnik Blues with red /strawberry blonde hair!!!
There is one of her on display in the museum, haven't got pics taken of her yet.

There was also talk about a Christmas Poppy- here is a sneak peak!

She's so lovely!

I have to say that even though alot of the dolls were held up in customs, Integrity has done everything possible to make the event as enjoyable as they can. They have done an outstanding job, and even though this is my first one, I am very pleased with their efforts to make sure everyone has a chance to go through the style lab and store ONCE with a chance to purchase what they wish. I was even able to get a couple of style lab guys- one I really wanted- but the clothing for them was sold out. Hopefully the projected time for the container to arrive is Saturday, or else all items will be shipped out to us. 

I have been lax in taking photos but have tried to upload them as soon as I took them at the luncheon. I know what it is like to have to sit out the convention while at home looking at everyone's fun photos. I hope that Integrity would do the convention in Florida or on the East coast every other year, I would make the effort to come if it were so..Florida is one of the best resort places to have a convention...the luxury of the hotel and the amenities are wonderful and make this an extra special time to enjoy. 
Tonight is the Collector's fashion bazaar and halloween trick or treat tonight 730 pm - we are supposed to receive a free fashion I think or prize for attending. Tomorrow- NuFace luncheon!11:45-1;15 pm. Only W Club members could go to this, no proxies so Karon and I are really hoping for a spectacular doll. 
All for now, but stay tuned on my Flicker pages for more photos!`~Lisa

FS: Sheer Sensuality Vanessa Perrin 1.0 centerpiece doll

I won the centerpiece doll last night. She is amaziing! She is Sheer Sensuality Vanessa Perrin 1.0 using the old Vanessa facesculpt.

***SOLD---DOLL IS SOLD**********

Asking $325 firm plus shipping with insurance and signature confirmation . Please email me if interested with your name, and address so I can configure shipping cost to you. Doll will be shipped upon my return home Wednesday at the earliest. Payment is by Paypal only.

I have taken a photo of her jewelry, shoes and how she appeared when our guests sat down to the table- she was displayed on a lighted pedestal that is not included. I will ship her in her box with stand and her shipper box. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 2 part ll, GLOSS convention STYLE LAB

Integrity has their hands full. There was a notice on the board that the Style Lab/Color Infusion would only be available for viewing, not purchase. The dolls were held up in customs.

Word is from those that have gone thru at their shopping time, is some of the convention dolls did not make it thru customs either. So even though you have a ticket to buy, you may only be able to purchase what is in stock. We are supposed to get an announcement on the purchasing of the dolls not in from customs tonight at dinner. (makes it easy for those of us who didn't preorder the convention line or the style lab line- though I wish I had!) 

So the style lab dolls were hit OUT OF THE PARK! They are mixing it up, new sculpts, new bodies, etc. the pic speak for themselves...

More pics on my flicker! I have not yet been able to buy until my time this afternoon, so will take some pics of the swag and tonight's dinner!

Day 2.. GLOSS convention schedule & tickets..

This is Day 2...and it's just beginning to heat up. I have had some of my flicker friends contact me about schedules and workshops. I will probably be doing another Day 2- update post after the dinner this evening. Just keep checking back. In this post I'm going to give you photos of my Gloss convention doll tickets and the schedule.

Here are the photos. There are more on Flicker!
It appears there are two poppy parkers, and one is a store exclusive. I am hoping against hope she will be available when I am allowed in- but she will probably be listed before I ever get into the store. The one we knew about, Dark Moon Poppy, I know I will probably be able to get her. More updates on Day 2 and watch my Flicker pages for live uploads!