Sunday, November 5, 2017

Christmas Doll & Teddy Bear show in Richmond, Va

Yesterday was the Christmas Doll and Teddy Bear show in Richmond, Va usually put on by the Capital Doll club at the Richmond Raceway complex. My Va. Fashion doll club usually gets a couple of tables and chips in and sells some of their items at this show every year. This show usually happens twice a year, in November and February. This year, however, is the last year the Capital Doll club is hosting it as their membership is dwindling and they are turning the show over to the promoters, who are moving it to a larger building next year in the Raceway complex. One of my friends who is a dealer signed up too late and couldn't get a table. So some of the dealers were happy, some were not, as the date is also moved from February to APRIL. My Barbie club members , some of them, weren't so happy since it coincides with alot of other events like Easter, etc. 

But onto the show-! I got alot of cool loot for bargain prices- An Elf on the Shelf St. Bernard for $10, A collectible Angel Barbie still in the box for $5, a little jacket for a quarter, and a 5 issues of Antique Doll and Doll News for $2 I originally planned to spend not much at all. 

My friends Marina and Karon and I shopped and then had lunch at Arianna's , a little Italian joint nearby which serves great food. We love to just sit over lunch and talk about the dolls we see and the ones we hope to get, and the differences between the Integrity dolls  and the Mattel Barbie/ Silkstones, etc. 
We had a great time this year since we took our time and the deals were wonderful this year. I was mainly looking for fashions like the others to dress the dolls in for Christmas. 
Enjoy the pics!