Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Dolls & a new diorama!

Yesterday Ombres Poetique Mademoiselle Jolie arrived and she is gorgeous. 

Since Edge Vanessa had also arrived, I decided a new diorama was in order. Last year I had ordered the Barbie closet when it was on sale with free shipping for my birthday, but never opened it. I know- it's amazing! My biggest problem is when I take it out of the box, where do I put it?? I decided it was a perfect accessory to those French doors I made last year, so a dressing room was in order for these two lovelies. I honestly cannot figure out which is my favorite. In my opinion, these are more beautiful than the dolls at the convention. First some eye candy of Poetique.

Here is the dressing room without dolls-

credits on the props-
Closet- Mattel
leopard chaise lounge- a find at Ross
luggage- Integrity toys
Plexi riser, & laptop on stack of books ornament, 2011- Hallmark
miniature topiary, carpet- dollhouse miniature
coffee cup- Rement
dress mannequin- Mattel
Plant- Michael's
Columns- tallest ones available at Hobby Lobby
French doors, Picasso pictures- made by me out of foamcore & clear magnetic picture frames & stickers

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures!~Lisa

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Va Fashion doll club meeting & history of American Fashion show

Today I joined my buds with the Va. Fashion doll club for lunch at Roma's , our short club meeting and our big finale at the historic Henrico theater in Highland Springs, Va for the History of American Fashion show, a free presentation. Before I post pics of that, I will show a few at our club meeting at Roma's. The Italian food there is fab.

We were supposed to bring a doll from our favorite era. I decided to bring Boater silkstone Barbie. I had a suit and shoes that looked like this back in the 80's, Boater is very 60's I think.

Plus an array of dolls the other members brought-

The doll in the box was brought by Leslie, made by one of her friends. She was so stunning!
Janice brought a birthday present our club president, Debbie had made her. Debbie's hidden talent is creating doll giftsets. She did it with a St. Patrick's day flair. 

At our club meeting we also had a fun poll to see who could guess what the best selling two dolls were in our club membership. The top two it turns out were Cupid's Kisses and the blonde haired Skipper. One of the club members who guessed correctly received a gift.

Then it was onto the History of Fashion presentation at the theater! It was a wonderful stage presentation with different models and slides of fashion from other eras as well. The narrator was dressed in historic dress too. Here were some of the gowns on display. The Henrico theater is a landmark theater that was built in the art deco style in the late 20's or 30's and has been restored.

There was a reception afterwards, and you could see the costumes on the models up closer. It was alot of fun, and the historic fashion show was free and tied in perfectly with our dolls and the club meeting!