Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Year's Eve- Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I am a little late with this year's posts about new dolls, etc. so am going to wish you a Happy New Year. 

I was able to pick up the Barbie with the telescope from Walmart for $9, and a Skipper Babysitters Inc two pack of the toddler and the infant, which I had been unable to find until now. 

Today at Barnes and Noble, I was also able to find a Dobby that was bendable, here are pics of him below. He was 9.95 For those of you needing an inexpensive Dobby option, he will go well with the Mattel Harry Potter, (though he may be too tall) Ron, Hermoine and Dumbledore. Which is what I plan to use him with. There was another option that was slightly more expensive, about 12-15 dollars, in a plexi case, but could not bend, but was more of a statue. This Dobby will work fine with my Sideshow Ron and Harry, but for those of you who have the Tonner sets, it will work good too. 

Happy New Year dolls!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas in the dollhouse

I had forgot to get these photos of Annabelle and Marie Terese in their dollhouse. I had found the lights at Michael's , and they were the perfect size for the tree. I have had difficulty finding the perfect size lights for this tree, especially since I wanted it to be a Victorian type of tree for these dolls. 

The little Santa in the sleigh on the hearth is very old, as are the Christmas trees on the table. The little Santa mugs on the table are actually mini Hallmark ornaments. 
I made the garland for the mantel originally for my Bespaq fireplace, and it looks wonderful on the Jim Coates fireplace mantel. 

This room is extremely small so there was only room for the tree, one chair, a table and the tree and the dolls and presents. I am really pleased how it turned out. 
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Merry Christmas from my dolls to yours!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A larger scale....

So I completed one project that I have had on my bucket list for a long long time ...creating a turkey for my Patti Playpal clone doll. This doll is 35 inches high, so she is much larger than what I would call 1:3 scale doll scale. This is getting into mannequin doll/ real life food art at this point. 

I had to use full size plates and appetizer bowls / plates and platters for the food scene/ setup. The fork, spoons, and knife were Melissa  & Doug set from A.C. Moore that I purchased a while back with a coupon, which I am really glad I did- I just found out they are going out of business. I am sure you can purchase this set on Amazon or eBay. 

Now onto the pictures. 

I used three tubs of Model Magic air dry clay to make the turkey. The little platter was from the dollar tree long ago- I used to throw my keys on it and it struck me that this would be a perfect platter for the turkey on. 

I also made the mashed potatoes with Model Magic clay as well. 
The sliced turkey was made with it, and shaded with chalks, and paint just like the full size bird. It took a couple of days to dry, between shading with chalks and paints, then sealing with Modge Podge. The gravy on the mashed potatoes and turkey is t-shirt puffy paint. 

The peas and carrots , peppermint candy canes, and gingerbread men were all made with polymer clay. The small bowls are from Pier 1 imports and are the perfect size for the serving bowls of side dishes, they are little sample bowls . You can also find them just about anywhere- Target, Walmart, etc. that sells dishes. The little glass is a juice glass. I was hard pressed to find dishes and items in this doll size. 

I am going to be adding some pastries and other items to this dinner, so stay tuned, and Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Vintage Cissy decorates the tree..

Though I know this is the 1;6 scale dollhouse, I could not resist some pics of the big girls enjoying decorating the Christmas tree...

Here is my vintage Madame Alexander Cissy decorating the tree.

I made the cookies and the gingerbread stick.