Sunday, July 31, 2016

Celebrating Beatrix Potter's 150th Birthday.....

I am a few days late in getting this post up, as I could not get the pictures together in time due to the extreme heat, and rains that came as well in conjunction with Ms. Potter's birthday on July 28th a few days ago. 

Beatrix Potter, born on July 28, 1866,  a very well known children's illustrator, best known for her story of The tales of Peter Rabbit published in 1902,and my favorite, the Tale of Two Bad Mice, did enchanting watercolors of mice, bunnies,cats, ducks & frogs, and a variety of other animals living fairy tale lives in her stories she sometimes wrote and illustrated. What is not so well known about her is that she was also into forest and farm/land conservation, before the concept was even heard of in the sense we know of it today. With the profits from her books, and a legacy from her aunt, she purchased Hilltop farm and enlarged her land holdings little by little, getting into prize winning sheep & breeding. Beatrix Potter died on December 22, 1943 in Sawrey, England. She left behind much of her land holdings to the National Trust to protect it from development and to be preserved for future generations. She also left behind a journal written in code. The code was cracked in 1966 and published as The Journal of Beatrix Potter.

Today my photo shoot is of Annabelle with Mops and Peter Rabbit,  outside having a quiet tea. I got the vintage wicker set off ebay for a great price. The tea set is a Ruetters porcelain set I purchased at Tuesday morning, it is done in Peter Rabbit.  Annabelle has just finished a round of croquet and is having a spot of tea with Peter. 

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R. John Wright Dolls he does beautiful mice, animals and dolls and replicas of the mice of Beatrix Potter's characters  . This is my Pinterest board.
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Corgyncombe Courant blog  Wonderful blog on my bloglist to the right that I follow- she celebrates Beatrix Potter's birthday every year and it's a wonderful blog post. Also has links to her previous celebrations, usually with dolls!


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Be Daring Imogene....

Be Daring Imogene has had some camera time. Her jewelry, fashion, shoes and accessories are stunning. 

I did an outdoor shoot for her since she has that look to her. Very edgy. This doll will be a keeper. 

She has amazing skull  shaped jewelry, sunglasses, stiletto ankle boots, and a belt with skull detail as well. There is even a skull ring , a cuff bracelett with skulls on it and skull earrings. Amazing chrome like detail. 

I adore the suit. It is hard to give this kind of jewelry to a suit and not have it look kind of trashy but it gives it a polished business like flair which I love. She is sexy at the same time professional, kind of hard to pull off. 

Here were the photos two of them from the promo pics at registration-

She is supposed to be a fashion model and comes with a portfolio but I think she would make a fantastic motorcycle bike designer/ showroom salesman. So now I'm going to look for 1:6 bikes. My husband loved to watch Boyd Coddington when he had his reality TV show (when we had Direct Tv) but I understand now he has passed away and his son has taken it over. My husband loves hot rods and custom antique cars and I think this doll looks like the hot rod/ custom bike kind of doll.  So it would be neat to do a diorama with her at a gas station, or a bike showroom, or an office with sketches of bikes on the walls, and so on. 

This year, like last year, I purchased all three registration dolls and don't regret it. Last year the dolls were ok, but not as stunning as this year. I think the W Club is picking up on their game. 

I am going to try and de box Vanessa soon as I figure out what kind of backdrop I want to photograph her in. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mad Tea Party 2016.....Welcome!

Welcome to the One Sixth scale Dollhouse's  9th Annual Mad Tea Party of 2016! So glad you could attend!

The usual 'mad' miniature crew has attended....

They moved their tea into the parlor of the White Queen this year because of the heat.....of course, the Hatter was a little upset, he had a lovely tea planned in the garden, with lots of 'mad' party favors, piggies to keep the feet warm, and tadpole caviar, the Red Queen's favorite, so I heard....but since the heat is simply GHASTLY we all convened to the White Queen's parlor....

Alice has visited and been invited in to have tea, but the tea things have as usual been scattered all over the the guests have not always been the most well behaved....Doormouse, as usual is not sure Alice is the 'right' Alice....

The White Queen, as always has exquisite manners. 'Alice dear, won't you join us for tea?" ' Oh Dear, we do not have an extra chair, do make yourself at home on the floor, Doormouse, do move over...'

The Red Queen, purrs from her pink throne, 'Yes Alice, do join us my dear. But you are again, LATE for tea..."

"Now now, none of that , sister, Alice is here ....after all the March Hare is ALWAYS late himself! Do join us for tea!"
Hatter joins in..."yES Alice, do!"

A few details of the White Queen's parlor...the handsome gentleman above the parlor mantle in the portrait is an admirer, we don't know his name, perhaps a suitor ? And of course her pet cats who have full run of the parlor and castle...

Alice thanks the White Queen and the Hatter for inviting her to tea again this year..."I have so missed you each year. Coming to tea is the most wonderful thing, but here at the White Parlor is the most extrodinary event ever!"

The Red Queen sniffed. 'Hmph! Sister Dear has overwhelmed you...well. We'll just see about that! Next year you will come to MY castle and have tea there. I'll have a tea you won't forget...we'll have entertainments- croquet , and there will certainly be warm piggies for my feet, tadtole toast, and my tarts!"

"Sister, Alice is a guest, this isn't a competition, it is tea!"

"But is it a raven or a writing desk? a writing desk or a raven...."

"Hatter! Stop, it is time for tea! Your tea is getting cold!"

And so, we leave them, having tea happily in the regions of Wonderland, on this, our 9th Annual Mad Tea Party. Please be sure to visit Vanessa's link to her blog  at Fanciful Twist : Mad Tea Party  to HER tea party.  On the left of the sidebar of her blog are all the participating blogs. 

Credits for the props-
Fireplace, fireplace surround, and pink chair the red queen is sitting in:
Jim Coates Miniatures on Ebay.
tea tables, and chair the Mad Hatter is sitting in- Bespaq 
carpet, floral arrangement, topiary, Dollhouse miniature shop- Belle's Exclusives
pink teaset- Springtime Barbie
cake, pastries, made by me
china teaset- unknown
teacup and saucer held by hatter, cake platter Rement
China vase on mantle- Ruetter porcelain
plants- Michael's 
Crowns- charms from Michael's
Alice- Mini Nellie by American Girl
Doormouse- Dollfactory mouse ball jointed doll from Denver doll emporium
Mad Hatter- Mattel Barbie Collector
White Queen- Barbie Basics 2.0 Denium Metallics Collection
Red Queen - Fashion Royalty Aerodynamic Vanessa Perrin 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ellie Mae Poppy.....

I finally got my photos done of Poppy Parker goes to Paris. I admit the W club has elegant visions on their dolls. Poppy Parker Bon-Bon is one of them , oh so elegant, inspired by Bridgette Bardot. 

And who do I envision when I get this doll? LOL...

Ellie Mae Clampette....

I loved Beverly Hillbillies as a kid and thought the show was hilarious. Ellie Mae was one of the funniest characters as she was beautiful but eschewed all feminine ideals back then though no one ever focuses on that.  She carried around 'critters' in an elegant house and mostly did what she wanted to do, which in the 60's was difficult for women at the time.  

Though Ellie Mae Poppy's hair is not divided into two pigtails, I thought the photos went pretty well. I could not find my bunny to put into the picture but was successful in finding the monkey my mom gave me several years back. Ellie Mae did have a chimp and that was going to be key for this photo to work. 

I wanted a bear but knew I didn't have one. A pig or a possum would have been nice too. Would have added that outlandish touch with the elegant furniture. Now I need a Jethro or an Ed from Green Acres as he was her beau. 


Fireplace, Firescreen, fireplace base, fireplace surround- Jim Coates miniatures on ebay
Bespaq chair- Jim Coates Miniatures on Ebay
Cats & chimp- Schleick miniatures from Walmart or Target 
 Toto- from 2002 Dorothy Barbie
German shephard- From Dollar tree
poodles& greyhound- miniatures from dollhouse store

Rug- dollhouse miniature carpet 

picture- frame from Michael's, photo saved from Pinterest and printed off computer
Plants- Topiary from dollhouse store, large plant from Michael's, floral arrangement from dollhouse show

Monday, July 18, 2016

Poppy Parker goes to Paris...

Yes, she is deboxed!  And sitting in the shade...

I did alot of work on that hair after it came out of the netting bag as it was a hot mess. Many people on the W CLub forum also had this problem and were going to contact customer care.  I couldn't see going to that extreme when probably a little water would relax the gunk they had put into her hair and it had after all been made to look like Brigette Bardot's big hair which had literally cans full of hair spray in it. She has 2 pins in it to hold it up that high. My doll did not have as high a do as some people's did. 

These are quick photos on the deck stoop out front of the house with a little japanese paper sun shade. It was really hot so I didn't go out into the yard like I wanted to with this new wicker set I had just purchased on ebay, it has two chairs. I will try for better pics of her. Lately my dolls don't get much photo time! 

She is so pretty. Makes me think of Petticoat Junction when I look at her. I haven't deboxed Vanessa or Imogene yet. I have been too entranced with Poppy and figuring out better photo scenes for her. These were taken with my phone and were better than the ones on my camera, but I haven't processed the camera pics yet. I will try tomorrow. 
Out till then-

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Mailman Delivers....

The Mailman delivered Christmas in July!

I had been out running errands today and having lunch and met the new mailman who delivered two boxes. Spock was supposed to arrive about two days ago from Barbie Collector but he was late, they use Fedex smartpost which is sometimes not that reliable on their projected delivery dates. He's AMAZING. 

I also received my three W Club Integrity registration dolls. I caved and purchased all three dolls. Poppy, Vanessa, and Imogene. They were worth it. I had thought I might have to sell them but I'm not giving any of them up right now since I have had to sell some of my dolls recently. 

I have not taken them out of their boxes YET. I want to do some stunning photos of them, and I am probably going to buy another Spock because of his box art. My husband saw him and said I shouldn't remove him from his box. 

Poppy Parker Goes to Paris....Her Window box is Back! with the cute little black bow up at the top! She is adorable. 

There is something so cute and delicious and Petticoat Junction about this doll. I adore her dress. I know she's supposed to be in Paris but she looks all Ellie May Clampett and cute and country to me. Adorable and chic and country. What do I know. I love pink and blonde hair. lol.

 Next up is Vanessa. I love her eye shadow and that outfit is unusual. Looks like a throwback to the extravagance of the suits of the 50's . I like the severe chignon too and her makeup. I couldnt resist her. 

NuFace Imogene is so lovely,and cool. I am not into over tanned dolls with side glances. But she grew on me with the outfit and and the skull jewelry. Plus her hair is lovely too. She will probably be a keeper.  Sometimes they don't get the hair right  on their tanned dolls and it looks weird to me for some reason. But she looks spot on. 

Mattel's Spock of Leonard Nimoy. I really really love him more than I thought I would, from Barbie Collector. 

Side graphics of Nimoy from the side of the box.....incredible 60s glamour.

Back of the box with Nimoy's image on it and the Star Trek story....

My husband said I shouldn't debox him and this now just gives me a reason to buy another SPock and have one to keep in the box and one to play 

With free shipping in July, I still need to order Uhura and Kirk, so I better get the funds moving. 

I will get more better pics of each doll up and moving when I decide whom to de-box first. It will probably be Ellie Mae Poppy, LOL. 


Saturday, July 2, 2016

J'Adore La Fete Elyse Jolie Luxury giftset is here...

My J'Adore La Fete Elyse Jolie giftset has arrived today. This was a 2015 Luxury giftset like the W club used to do when they first formed back in the early days 10 years ago, with a suitcase, and I missed when I joined. They had stopped doing these. I jumped at the chance to own this set as I do not know if it -is -a -once -let's -celebrate- our -anniversary -thing or Integrity has decided to return to what set it apart from crummy Mattel. 

Here is the stock photo-

Oh isn't she divine. Elyse is fast becoming one of my favorites next to Agnes, Poppy and Victoire. All of them have a very a la fracais joie de vivre about them. 

My pictures are not that fantastic and I did not debox. I just took photos of her in her case. 

Frankly, I do not want to debox but feast my eyes on her in the box. There is something wonderful, so petite pandore - like, about her in her trunk. She reminds me of a rare Jumeau smiling lady Bru in their trunk from Paris from the 1800's. She is a treasure.

All for now. Enjoy the photos!