Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Planning Ahead- Part ll More sketch work done on Xmas Card photos

September has flown by and the last few weeks have been crazy busy. But I was able to squeeze in time between 'flipping' our dining room/ living room , painting, sorting, downsizing, cleaning, deep=cleaning, and moving furniture and myriad of other chores these past two -to three weeks on my projects. 

From these photos, after I took them in the dark and with bright light, I now know this tree will need soft lights on it to make the photo pop. On another note, I have scrapped my idea for the 1:6 scale card and going with a completely new 'idea' I have come up with , which will take some planning. I am hoping to use the Gene tree and my staircase if it works. Let me know what you think of the Gene photos so far. Also at work on an October photo/ diorama of all my spooky dolls. 


Friday, September 15, 2023

Planning Ahead for the Holidays - More Gene items for my Collection

September is here and August just flew by! I have been working on planning my dioramas for my Christmas cards this year and added two items to my Gene collection for one of those cards- Pink Snow Blossoms outfit I believe it is called and finally, - the Gene 'White Christmas' tree. I found one NRFB at an unbelievable price with free shipping included from this Ebay seller We-R-Toys  and they sell many items, including Barbie, collectibles, etc. 

I usually do two Christmas cards for two different message boards, Doll Divas and 

The Studio Commissary , which is a Gene Marshall doll related message board. Doll Divas is a 1:6 scale fashion doll message board and is the first message board I found that I stumbled across when I started re-collecting Barbie and then, found Integrity dolls. After, I found Gene and Tonner - and Ball Jointed dolls- and well, I was hooked on any type of doll to be truthful! lol! These two message boards do a group Christmas card exchange each year and I love doing it each year. I save my cards in albums with plastic sheets, so I can go back and look at them in my idle moments in the spring. I also plan my Christmas dioramas ahead of time. This year, as a nod to the Barbie movie, everything in both dioramas, will be pink and sparkly. 

But- I won't be using the movie dolls. I find them kind of ...plastic. I will be using a Poppy Parker in the 1:6 scale one, that is all that I'm giving away- pink and Poppy!

So onto the photos- So far my Gene Christmas tree arrived. I had already received the dress off of Mercari a couple of months ago at a really great price. I look for deals constantly. 

Here are the 'test' photos of what I am going for , but I am going to probably put lights on the tree and have a candelabra on the piano with some wine glasses, and widen the scene a little bit. It needs some pop. Maybe figure out a way to add a chandelier overhead. The larger Bespaq piano required alot of work and repair to get it to this point so I used a black lacquer finish on it. Trent looks quite the dashing maestro . I knew solid pink would look lovely for this photo with the black. 

More updates soon. More to come- Lisa