Friday, September 30, 2022

Scarlett Hex Anja has arrived!

I have been busy. Super busy. I have finished the closet re-arrangement with photos of the dolls and their placement- and the furniture, so part 2 of that project is finished, but in the meantime, this wonderful goddess appeared in the mail. 

Scarlett Hex Anja! (what a weird name, lol)

This is a gown that is truly haute couture with a touch of horror/witch , ? The jewelry is fascinating. And she is lovely.


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Closet re-arrangement for Bespaq collection

This weekend I took one day and did a full re-arrangement of the doll closet shelves as I have been dissatisfied with them. One shelf has Barbie props assortment, and the other shelves have my Gene and Tonner dolls with various Bespaq, but not ALL of the collection which is still in boxes. Then there was my incredible 1:6 scale wood staircase I purchased a couple of years ago from a dealer in China on Ebay, (I saw the same prop on JATMAN in one of her stories and she gave the link on her site. I had to have it for my dolls) And it has been worrying me ever since the dollhouse has been moved to the dollroom where am I going to store this delicate piece so it is showcased?? Answer- on the dollshelf. 

 First, I started with each shelf and took off all dolls and furniture. I had several yards of green velvet on hand and I wanted to line each shelf with the green velvet to showcase the furniture. I cut the velvet to size and laid it out. It did not lay as smoothly as I would have liked but it looked quite stunning. Then I began getting the furniture out of its boxes and doing placement. I still do not have all of the large pieces in place- the 1:3 scale hat vanity, for the big girls, the piano, the wardrobe, but I have most of the pieces. 

Here are a few photos. These photos show the closet full length and the velvet draped over the sides of each shelf. 

One of the main things I wanted to accomplish was to take the table that had been my mother's doll table (not a Bespaq table) and use it with my Windsor chairs to create a dining room. This will be for a Thanksgiving scene project still in the works. 

Here you can see Vee sitting at the table and the various chairs. There is also the Queen Ann desk in the background behind her. 

Here is on one shelf I displayed the 1:6 scale props, - the staircase first with my french fashion dolls- a UFDC Marcus, my reproduction French Fashion doll Annabelle near the stairs, and my Marie Terese (alice leverette UFDC 2010 DOLL) Sitting in the bespaq chair near the wardrobe, nightstand, and mirror, all 1:6 scale in the far left corner.

To the right of the room on this shelf, are the swan vanity and matching chair, 1:4 Scale Victorian table and chairs, the hat vanity at the front, and various Gene props and luggage. One of my Integrity Genes is sitting in the back and my Franklin Mint Princess Diana is standing near the swan vanity. I am still doing furniture and doll placement as not all the props are placed on the shelves nor are the dolls. 

Let's see what happened to all the kitchen props for Barbie!

I had to do quite a bit of manipulating of dolls and space on the dollshelves here to make room for Skipper's bed and the Barbie wardrobe closet. I moved my miniature scrapbook store to the bottom shelf Fluffy my cat adores laying on and the kitchen accessories and props were moved to that shelf where I can have a kitchen scene if I need to quickly. 

I pulled out my Bespaq chaise lounge which needed repairing so I will have more photos when that gets set up on the top shelf with the french chairs.


Saturday, September 10, 2022

New Cutie Reveal- Panda!

I was shopping the other day and was able to pick up the panda doll in the Cutie Reveal series on sale! What I couldn't believe was the deal I got! $11!! Squee!
Previous deals on the bunny were $17 and the puppy were $15. I have not been able to find the giraffe?? she must be a hard to find one, the fourth in the series. I may have to order her online and bite the bullet and pay full price...or almost full price. lol 

Mattel ordinarily does not usually impress me with their quality, but they hit it out of the park with the costumes, the packaging, considering this is supposed to be a playline doll for a child and it I consider it collector quality. 

She comes with the usual surprise packages, and more literature so you can collect all four. 

Here she is, a lovely doll with her panda ears on and what a beautiful face!

Here are all three together with their packaging. So cute!