Friday, February 22, 2019

New Easter Cakes in 1:6 scale listed!

I have finally finished St. Patrick's Day cakes and cookies- they are listed! I have already sold 5 of them and more are listed in my Doll Food catagory of my ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios .

These are the cakes altogether on the table, to show size comparisons with Barbie (Grandma Barbie) GI Joe, and Poppy Parker and SKipper. 

I have put the listing links here above, without pictures and if you wish, you can click on them to see the individual cakes- all are different. Each cake has at least one Easter egg cookie on top. 2 cakes have 2 Easter egg cookies on them, the other four cakes only have one cookie on top. There is only one yellow triple layer cake in this whole bunch- the rest are pink. 

I don't mind telling you these cakes took a while to make because of the cookies which took so long to decorate. I am currently working now on bunny cookies which are taking longer to make, with the extra details like eyes and whiskers. lol 


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

St. Patrick's Day cake sets listed on Ebay

I have been busily working on getting my St. Patrick's day cakes ready to be listed and so far, I have four listed. I have already sold three sets before listing what I had made, just from my sneak peek preview! Whew! I have another whole slew I am working on icing now. As well as getting my dolls ready for the header photos. 

So here is what is listed so far...

French Fashion Doll 1:6 scale St. Patrick's day cake set $12

1:6 scale St. Patrick's day cake set #B   $12

1:6 St. Patrick's day double layer chocolate cake set #1  $10

1:6 scale St. Patrick's day cake set #A  $12

All four are currently listed on ebay and are available. I will be listing more. These items are shipped in a box, not bubble mailers. 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sneak Peak at what I've been working on...

Here is a sneak peek at what I have been working on ...doll food! Just in time for St. Patrick's day. I am working on more cakes and shamrock cookies to stock my Ebay store. Also pictures and listings for the different scales of dolls. They should be up soon, as well as Easter/Spring cakes and bunny and egg cookies too! 

Each St. Patrick's day cake will come with a doily, (cake will be glued to the doily) and a cake slice cut out of cake, along with a shamrock cookie on top of the cake, as well as an extra shamrock cookie! I will post more updates when the listings are up and complete. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

                                  Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day full of lots of chocolate, love and dolls!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Birthstone Beauties Barbie July

Previously I showed you the tiny pugdog I had purchased off of Ebay in my quest to find a replacement for my Mops. My Birthstone Beauties July Barbie arrived this week from Mercari  . For those of you that don't know, Mercari is a phone selling/buying app . (I sell there too as well as on ebay, a great place to buy as well)  I recently purchased this doll there . She was packed OK, but the buyer taped the box with masking tape versus packing tape. She also did not wrap the doll in her box with any bubble, but did pack her with plenty of paper and cushion in the box, I was pleased with that. The problem with taping a box with masking tape is--------IT'S NOT THE RIGHT TAPE. My box was coming open by the time it got to me. Sellers if you're going to sell, stop being cheap. Tape the damn box correctly for h-e-double toothpick's sake. My rant is I've been selling since 2004 and 2006 and it still amazes me people can't spend $3 for tape at a nearby dollar store. Ok, rant over, lol. ­čśü

So here she is...

I don't know if this happens to everyone else, but it does happen to me. I remember when these dolls came out. I looked at them at the time as 'birthday of the month' dolls and therefore, did not collect all of them. It never , ever occurred to me to collect them, their dogs, their dresses or jewelry, which is very well done, and the possibility of customizing them. I also remember seeing them in Walmart and Target at the time for $5 and $7 on sale and walking by. I could kick myself now.  Now years later I want this doll it took me a while to remember the names of these dolls in my search because of the dogs I wanted. I usually want the doll  well after she is sold out or thereafter. LOL. Isn't that just like a doll collector??

I think July is adorable, with the Steffie face and ringlets. Most of them have this face mold and hairstyle, in different skin tones and hair colors. She will make an adorable Valentine scene. 

All for now! Just four more days to Valentine's day! ~Lisa 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

New Pugdog for Marie Antoinette & Louis

Usually I plan my holiday pictures in advance. As usual, I wanted to do a romantic series of photos and one of those sets included my historical Louis and Marie Antoinette with her pugdog. 

An international doll crisis occurred. Mops was missing! So were the poodles. They could not be found anywhere in Barbietown. It was thought the nefarious Fashion Royalty dolls had made off with them. Or maybe the snobby Silkstone Barbie dolls had taken them out shopping and let Mops and the poodles wander around the boutiques, eating- gasp! dog food instead of their usual French tarts and pastries on the sidewalk instead of on silken cushions and china plates. 

When I looked in all doll containers, and hiding places, and even asked the Big dolls- The Tonners, The French fashion dolls- who had taken a liking to Mops and the poodles at several photo ops- they were eyeing him for their own- Annabelle and Marie Terese wanted their own pugdogs and poodles- no Mops and poodles were to be found. So on to Ebay to look again for another Mops. 

I found this little darling. He is a Birthstone Beauties Barbie dog, that is why they are so hard to find. 
I have another matching one to this little darling coming, so he will have a twin. If you want to know which Birthstone Beauty Barbie- it is July /Ruby who has the black pugdog.  Our previous Mops pugdog which was a fair pugdog came with October /Opal Barbie or Aquamarine /March Barbie. 

I remember having a few of these dolls, not many when they came out in 2007 or 2006. I saved the dogs , gave them as gifts to my daughter and mother. I never purchased one for myself. Now the Steffie face I really find cute. 

Pugdog's collar is silk ribbon glued around his neck with Swarvorski crystals glued onto the ribbon. When my Ruby Birthstone beauty doll comes I will do the other pugdog to match. I might find blue ribbon so I have a girl and boy dog. They will look so adorable sitting on cushions. I am hoping to find Mops and the Poodles as I thought I had put them in a safe place when I was moving items around, they are some of my most precious props for the dolls. I will probably find them in the least expected place when I am not looking for them. 

Enjoy the preview of the Valentine's day photos! Pugdog is so cute.