Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of you and your family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving!

Shown in the above photos are Fashion Fairytale Rainbow Poppy Parker dressed in Pilgrim Barbie's outfit, with a vintage visiting Johnny Marx Geronimo I recently acquired several months ago at an auction with a couple of headdresses. I knew he would be perfect for this Thanksgiving photo. 

Various animals were put into the photo such as the chicken, the bunny and some dogs and a cat as well. 

Have a blessed and yummy Thanksgiving!  ~Lisa

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy Halloween and All Soul's Day!

I was so busy yesterday taking photos of the dolls I completely forgot to do a Halloween blog post.  With all the social media to keep up with- Facebook, Flicker , Twitter, Instagram, etc. gah. 

So here are some new photos of 2018 !

Dorothy came by to visit with Toto, but they made a run for it when the witch wanted to do a shoe swap...

It's alright, her kitty woke up and needed some attention after taking a nap on the chair near the warm cauldron on the stove...

 Harry & Ron are visiting the Mistress of the Manor , Mrs. Danvers, a well known witch, and her parlor.  She tutors only one day of the year, Halloween and they really need it before the big exam at Hogwarts. She has skeleton dogs that guard her cauldrons. However, Ron and Harry don't see her walking up behind them! Look out Harry- look out Ron! oh well....

The cauldrons, pumpkins came from Walmart, the skeleton dogs & the retriever dog came from the dollar tree. The plants, & signs  on the wall came from Michael's. The table is Bespaq. The stove is a vintage Crescent salesman sample I had for sale in my ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios, and is recently sold. 

All for now.Hope you had a Happy Halloween!