Saturday, July 26, 2014

New dolls .....

After a hard day of yet another yard sale we came home to find my dolls had arrived! Yeah me! I really needed a new doll , or two, or three... Since my mother passed away last year, I and hubby have been helping my dad clear out alot of the clutter of their home. So we figured the best way to clear out the excess from the garage, attic and about the house was to have yard sales, which has worked. I also take items to the auction house and we have been able to make headway on the cleanup, it is amazing how much stuff we can accumulate. I also brought home some Reproduction Barbies that I found that my mother had purchased years ago, which I intend to keep, will get some photos up tomorrow if I can.
My W club Membership dolls the Countess and the Girl from Integrity Poppy Parker arrived today. As well as the Lottery Victoire Roux- I love love this Victoire! She's gorgeous and comes with a vase de nuit (overnight case) ..Her handbag matches and her jewelry is lovely too.
 On with the photos!

First up was Poppy ...she came with boots but she is wearing Spicey in Spain's heels right now. I have learned from hard experience that once those boots are on it's next to impossible for them to come off- an example is my Dracula Lucy and Countess with those thigh high boots. Next to impossible to get off. Poppy is cute and I am hoping to put her in something really cute. The outfit is much better than the stock photos.

Next one was the Countess, but I did not debox her yet. Three dolls in one day plus my mother's dolls was just too much, so I am going to save her to debox when I have a 'bad' day, lol. Nothing like de-boxing a gorgeous doll to pick me up. The Countess will be staying, unlike the other Jem dolls. 

Victoire Roux lottery doll. Pretit a' Partir, I think is the french name for her. I adore her accessories...her little vase de nuit really opens and reminds me of the Sabrina doll with the poddle and luggage I missed out on. Squee!
Here are some photos of the dolls being welcomed with tea...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Victoire's Tea and pastry table...

I used today putting the finishing touches on a buffet table for my Chateau project. My Victoire dolls have not had much love lately, so I used Evening in Montreal Victoire to display her. The table has been built for my Marie Antoinette and Louis, to replicate their dining in public scenes from the movie. As well as all of those delicious pastry scenes when she and her friends are pigging out after being fitted for extravagant gowns and shoes. Man, what a life. 

* most of these foods are listed on my Etsy store Pumpkin Hill Studios, click the banner link above.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Chateau project cakes & Introducing his Majesty, King Louis XVl

I have been busy of late, and only just had time to work on my custom doll that just arrived from Dawn of One Sixth Sense you can see him on this link page. 
I had decided when embarking on this project that I needed a companion for Marie Antoinette (Lilac Frost Poppy Parker, restyled by me). I looked at portraits of Louis as much as I could find, including ones I had never seen. I wanted Louis to be a young, Romantic looking Louis before the cares of state had burdened him down mentally and physically. I think Dawn pretty much succeeded in her commission.
Louis is a Mattel Twilight Emmett head, re-rooted and re-painted and switched to a London Calling Kyu body. The shirt is from Rock wedding Romaine, and I made his hose and breeches. His shoes were purchased on ebay and will be altered with rhinestones and buckles. I am currently working on the pattern for his coat and his lace collar. 

I recently finished some new miniature foods - a 3 tiered pink cake with handsculpted rose petals, and a plate of white chocolate 'Capezzoli di Venere' otherwise known to us as 'Nipples of Venus'. I even handpainted the plate so it would look like the plate from the Marie Antoinette Kirsten Dunst movie, where my cake inspirations for this project are coming from.

The only thing I forgot on my plating was the two orange flower petals under the truffles. This recipe was made famous in the 1984 'Amadeus' Mozart movie. 

Marvelous aren't they? Decadent white chocolate over a cake, wtih sugared pecans or chestnuts, there are various recipes out there. 
Here are some more photos of the finished foods...
Louis and Antoinette are getting their fill of 1:6 scale cake! Some of these items will be listed soon on my Etsy shop (link at the top) if you would like these for your tea scenes with Victoire Roux. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Charlotte Cherry cakes in my Etsy store!

I have some new Charlotte Cherry cakes in my Etsy shop Pumpkin Hill Studios in two scales- 1:6 and 1:4, both with free shipping in the USA. These turned out lovely so I am thinking of making variations of them with other kinds of fruits. Both come with their own doily and red silk ribbon tied around them.

As you can see, Marie is enjoying her 'cake' and eating it too! More items listed in my Etsy shop, I hope you enjoy shopping with us!