Monday, October 30, 2017

Va. Fashion Doll Club- October Halloween Meeting & Raffle party

Every year my Va. Fashion doll club has a meeting in October, for Halloween which is one of their most fun meetings because of the dolls. It is a fun meeting and to make it even more fun- we came up with a Raffle to support the cost of our Christmas party. Each member will donate items for the raffle, tickets are sold and prizes are won. Rules are you can win 2 items, but if you win more than 2, you have to choose which ones to put back. Every member goes home with two raffle prizes. It is alot of fun with alot of food, and we also always have a theme. 

This year's theme was Creepy Kids. The lament over Mattel doing away with Kelly and Tommy has never stopped among collectors, and 'Chelsea' has never really really grabbed our hearts with her skinny long legs and neither has Darrin. So this theme was to create the Halloween Tommy or Kelly that Mattel never did. 

We also did Tricks or Treat and the club provided pink pumpkins for us to put our candies in. 

The meeting was held at Jodi's house. So hold onto your witchy hats, because there are alot of photos. Jodi's house is always 'tricked' out for Halloween as she hosts a huge party each year for her family. 
The fireplace in Jodi's den-

Her displays in her entry hall-

Next, our Creepy Kids display-

Mummy tommy by Nita

Frankenstein by Janice 

I did the Above Faraway Forest Elf Kelly & her tree stump home, which won third place, and the belong Suicide Squad Joker Tommy . 

Klown kelly by Mattel brought by Anna

Bride of Frankenstein by Debbie in a barbie wedding dress

Mr. Bill costume Kelly by Scarlett

Kelly in the hood for Halloween by Barbara

Cousin It and Thing by Jodi

Elvira Mistress of the Dark Kelly by Marina

Frankenstein Tommy by Janice & Bride of Frankenstein by Debbie

Mummy kelly by Leslie with coffin 

Display with Dracula and bride of Frankenstein by Leslie

Boo Kelly brought by Laurie

                            'Caged Creepy Kids' by Leslie 

Then onto our raffle tables and gifts--

These were just a sampling of some of the spook-tacular gifts we had a chance at winning!

And then of course, there was the wonderful goodies and Treats-

Then of course, we could not leave without visiting Jodi's doll room-

Happy Halloween! 
Enjoy the pics!