Monday, April 17, 2023

Happy Birthday Gene Marshall!

April 17th is Gene Marhsall's birthday! 

This is my photo for this years birthday party for Gene. I have ones from previous years...

The first year trio I was ambitious and made all of my Gene and Madra dolls dresses from patterns when I got hot and heavy back into Gene collecting. I had purchased them from Ebay and doll shows and my Ultimate Madra came from a well know auctioneer online from her FB Auctions that I follow. I also was able to repurchase Vee Jordan, an Integrity doll I had previously once had, on eBay for a great price. Trent was a great ebay find too. Then several other dolls came home with me from doll shows, including Gene's party cake and accessories. The previous white cake I made myself. 


I am so sorry I did not post for Easter! Here are some of my photos from Easter-

We had a really great time. 

I hope you enjoyed the dolly Easter photos! Happy 'late' Easter!