Sunday, February 21, 2021

Late Valentine's Day post for Tammy and friends

 This is a late post of Valentine's day photos of my Tammy dolls . I had taken these photos rather late as it was difficult to find clothing that fit the color scheme of Valentine's day for the dolls- I have so few clothing choices for these dolls and I am still collecting /sewing for them! Luckily in my clone stash I was able to find a cute pink velvet sheath dress for Tammy, Mr. Turner's red and white striped shirt fit into the theme, and a vintage pink Barbie onesie fit Pepper. 

Here they are in the retro pink and aqua kitchen having cake and ice cream. 

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Lisa

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Happy Mardi Gras!

 Happy Mardi Gras day- otherwise known as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday!

This doll was the OOAK doll I won in the raffle from our doll club last year and I was so delighted to win her. She was created by one of our members. She is a reproduction Barbie, dressed in a purple sequined gown and cape, and has a feathered headress/ jeweled crown, and carries a feathered mask with ribbons. Her display is a gold plate that has beads and crown coin tokens on it with Mardi Gras written in 3- D Paint. The dress is handmade and so is the cape. I really love her and have always wanted to do a Mardi gras themed diorama. Maybe I will get the gowns and masks and tuxedos together for the dolls , it would be great to do. 

DEFINITELY next year that I am now on the kick of doing themed trees I want to do a Mardi Gras tree!! giggle. So here are some more photos of my doll. 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Happy Valentine's Day! I spent yesterday taking down the ornaments off of the Christmas tree- and turning it into my 'Valentine's Day tree' ...

Please follow my new Pinterest board - Seasonal Tree Ideas 

This has been an idea I have always wanted to do when I saw on a Christmas Facebook page, this idea- and I do not know who the lady is, but she had a montage of photos of different ways to decorate a tree throughout the year- photos below-

I saved the photos and even shared it to my FB page so I could refer back to it, I thought it was so creative. I like how she dressed to match the trees and even put artwork on the walls and matched the tree skirt and items below the tree too. I know everyone cannot do this, but alot of the items she used to decorate the tree are nothing more than Dollar Tree and craft store items- I found many of them at my local dollar store, including the flowers and garlands. 

For my tree, it cost as little as $20 to buy decorations for two holidays- Valentine's day and St. Patrick's day. I could have purchased Easter as well, but I wanted to wait for more interesting items and I want to hang eggs all over the tree on Easter, along with bunnies. I will also be switching out to a white tree with colored lights for the rest of the year, as I used my smaller green tree, out of necessity- I fully intended to use my white tree but time and weather- it snowed and did not allow me to get the trees switched out! lol. 

I also set up a small child's tea table and covered it with a red velvet remnant I had and set up some of my pink clad dolls on it, with a pink teddy bear to complete the cuteness factor. When decorating for a holiday like this, we all have plenty of red or pink and white items that we can easily use- scarves, material remnants, etc. that would make draping, placemats, etc. that would look nice for display. 

I haven't had alot of time to do a 'special' Valentine's day doll display, so here ya go. Poppy and Ryan hope you have a special day with your special someone!

                                         Happy Valentine's day 

                           from the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Ivy Jordan and her pets...

 The theme at the  The Studio Commissary  last week was Gene and her pets so I did a photoshoot with what pets I could find that would fit my Gene /Madra/ Ivy dolls to size. I found a furred cat and a dog (the dog was really Barbie but fit my 16 inch dolls) so I used him. It is hard to find pets in this scale and the cat to be honest was really kitten size for Gene. It also gave me a reason to dress Ivy in Pink Envy for Valentine's day. 


Friday, February 5, 2021

Undercover Angel Poppy Parker

 I have had this doll for some time, but have just got around to taking photos of her. I have to say David Butry and his team knocked it out of the park on this pop culture icon of Charlie's Angels Farrah Fawcett's character Jill with Undercover Angel Poppy Parker . She is a giftset, coming with extra red iconic jumpsuit, red heels, jewelry for both outfits, wearing a red blouse, tweed blazer, jeans with the 70's look, stack wedge heels, a clutch purse, and a golden gun. Everything a model-esque crime-fighting heroine needs to look good.

I am wondering if they are going to unveil the other two angels in this since there are two more silhouettes on the box front detail. To be honest, as a kid in the 1970's I was never a big Charlie's Angels fan I was more of a Wonder Woman (Linda Carter) fan and loved that show more. Charlie's Angels always seemed so cornball and they seemed fake- who flips their hair when chasing the bad guys? But hey, this was TV Land in 1970-something. lol My favorite character was John Forsythe, -aka Charlie who you never saw. 

Enjoy the pics- !