Thursday, October 31, 2013

Have a 'Haute Couture' Happy Halloween!

I have took a bunch of photos of the table and our goodies getting ready for trick or treaters. 

I used tealights for the effects, and it turned out great. Not a great deal of elaborate 
decorating, because starting in November, it is time to get the house ready for Christmas!!

I also lit up LaBelles' and some 'new' models of the undead fashionista sort decided to model Romain's new hauntingly lovely fashi

ons. The customers were thrilled with a Halloween debut of evening wear!

I used Haunted Beauty vampire as the main model, with the Countess and Mina on the sides with their lovely gowns. I have wanted to change them, but don't have the heart and those boots are extremely hard to get off!
Enjoy the photos and have a Happy Halloween!!~Lisa

Monday, October 28, 2013

Va. Fashion doll club -October Halloween meeting!

My Barbie doll club meeting was yesterday on 10/27 and I had to go for some good times with my doll collector buds. October is always a great meeting because the ladies go ALL out for Halloween! This meeting's presentation was given by one of our members on the history of the Halloween dolls carried by Target and the grocery stores like Kroger, Food Lion, etc. as well as the Halloween Kelly dolls who turned into ugh! Chelseas. Below are some photos of that wonderful table display Jodie covered- all of the Halloween Barbies are hers and some of the Kellys- most of the Kelly dolls displayed were Janice's.

That's Janice in her cute witch's hat! The presentation was quite interesting as they started with the iconic 'Masquerade' costume series done in 1966? for Barbie, Ken and Skipper. One of the things Jodie pointed out was that until recently, in the early 1990's, there wasn't a great deal of going all out for Halloween as there is now or today. She showed this trend in the dolls Mattel put out. The poster with the collector series of dolls that could be considered Halloween or spooky showed us that Mattel concentrated their Halloween dolls on children who could dress up like their Barbie or Kelly doll. We also convered the inevitable lament of the doll collectors that all Mattel seems to know how to create on the Halloween Barbies are witches..with Kelly/Chelsea dolls it is a pumpkin, witch or ghost. 
There were lost of goodies on the refreshment table!

This was just the prephotos of the table before ALL the good stuff had been set out! That is Karen putting her items on the table. ..she sold me Gomez and MOrticia gift set at this meeting! Now my spooky cast of characters will almost be complete! We also did a diorama display where the members replicated a scene from a famous horror movie or show. I did Buffy the Vampire slayer.

The ladies really went all out on their displays! Jodie did th e Sleepy Hollow display- I loved this. Karon did Scooby-Doo dressing Poppies and made the cardboard display with spackle and some great graphics. Linda did Arachnaphobia and Sandra did the Walking Dead. One of our members did Fatal Attrraction and I did not get photos of the winning display The Spiderwoman by Marinna; Janice did the Village of the Damned and Debbie did the Exorcist, Anna did Carrie. 
I won third for my entry, Jodie won 2nd place for hers. Hers really fascinated all of us as she had beheaded an AA Cheerleader Ken (since she needed the doll to be articulated in a stance on the horse) and used a Ryan Fashionista as Ichabod Crane. The horse was Dancer, the first horse Barbie had and I may do this myself since I have a weakness for watching Sleepy Hollow on Monday nights. She wired soem branches together and wrapped with tape and spray painted them black, used a roll out fake /artificial grass for the ground cover and some tomb stones from the dollar store with a pumpkin painted in a jack o lantern on the horsemans' hand is holding up. She replicated one of the movies that I think I have seen but couldn't remember...I loved the one with Johnny Depp myself. The horseman's outfit and Ichabod's outfit are from Rhett Butler Ken giftset- that is where she got the cape. I was thinking if I replicate this scene (it would be cool for Barbietown) to use an actual revolutionary redcoat uniform on the horseman which would be more historically accurate- since the Horseman was an actual person who lost his head-a Hessian soldier that was working for the British. 
I had alot of fun at this meeting- and hope you do too looking at all of the photos. I will have more pics later of Gomaz and Morticia after they are deboxed.