Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Have a safe and fun Halloween , however you celebrate. Now for some fun pics of dolls from the archives...and fun pics for Boo-tiful Halloween!

This is a fun Jack-o-lantern pic I have saved and used every Halloween....

Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without Fluffy all dressed up!

and from the dolly archives...

       and last but not least, my pumpkin kitty, Chesty...looking fearless at the camera...

                                            Happy Halloween 2022!

Monday, October 24, 2022

October 23, 2022 Va Fashion Doll Club Halloween Meeting

Sunday October 23rd 2022 was our Va Fashion Doll club meeting and we had a Halloween Trunk or Treat diorama part of the meeting where everyone was to bring a trunk as a central part of the diorama with halloween theme and treats for Barbie to give out. I admit I fell down on this challenge as I focused mainly on making the treats- Halloween pumpkin cakes and did not focus on the props for my diorama but we had some great ones. 

We also had a presentation on Betty Pickett purses , a seller from the Pink Heels facebook group. One of our members Allison Jewel did the presentation and interview with Betty. Many, many of our members own multiple purses, in many different themes from Betty and and the display was fabulous. Below is the set up by many different themes, travel, pets, season, retro, holiday, etc. 

I have shown my purse by Betty with my Pillow Talk Poppy which was a gift from my friend Marina, who has many of them, I did not bring mine as there were three to four Flamingo examples, as this is an extremely popular design. Marina had the adorable St. patrick's day purses with her OOAK St. Patrick's day Barbie won at a raffle designed by our own Janice. 

You can purchase items from Betty at her website is the best way to get in touch with her. Her purses range $15 each. plus shipping. 

I have pics of some of the dioramas, not all of them, I forgot to get photos of all. 

the food-

    Marina's show and tell dolls from the doll show

Dolls that decorated Debbie's house--