Saturday, July 28, 2012

Barbietown..a new business opens

Barbietown has a new addition- Mickey's sweet shop or bakery(haven't decided which) I originally thought of this being a diner or ice cream shop, which it may still become. I have not yet made the sign or the door and the signage and shelves inside, but lots of bread as from my previous post!
Barbietown has been spruced up a bit, as you can tell. I was thinking the only thing needed was a fountain in the middle of the street, it looks like a cul-de-sac in a way. I have a fountain, but would need a round platform to be placed on to be in scale.
I had to do a lot of tidying in thedoll room to make way as I am having some fashion doll club buddies coming on Monday for a playdate. Nothing fancy, get together, take loads of pics, and compare dolls!  Here are some further pics of the room as it is now, and the other dollhouses and shelves-

This shows the top of the One Sixth Scale dollhouse with picnic table, Agnes' bedroom (see all  the clothes and shoes strung everywhere? My poor maid Lucia cannot keep up with the Agnes' mess!) and the tiny bjd's dollhouse is a wreck as well- their Christmas tree is still up! I haven't shown the Strawberry Hill manor where the Dawn dolls have moved in- that is even more of a wreck.

I think this will be tidy enough for three of my buds to come over and play, and I can always move my dolls around. Now all of them are excited about the shop, even though it is still under construction. I need to put Bob and Buck out there with their ladders and tools and paint buckets.

On another note- I have fallen in love with another type of doll- Blythe!

I am so excited. I have recently fallen in love with her and been envious of other people's Blythe dolls,especially the customs which I have found on Flicker. So today, I won my first 'factory' Blythe on Ebay. There are no US dealers, so Blythe even nude is expensive. Her eyes are especially haunting and it looks at times like this doll is in a dreamy faraway wonderland with those large eyes and big head. At one time I thought they were unusual dolls and a trifle ugly, but as always with dolls- other people's photos make you WANT one. lol!
I will be adding a special link fest to the side on Blythe links and tuturials that Ihave found, along with Flicker members whose pics are adorable! Since Blythe is 1:6 scale, I will be including  her here. I am looking forward to customizing mine when she gets will be loads of fun!
Enjoy the photos!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

They've arrived!

So my  W club dolls have arrived...yesterday. It is just today that I have finally got around to taking some quick pics and I love both of them! I opted for both dolls when purchasing my membership last year...especially the chance to own Dream Teen Poppy and a Natalia.

I ordinarily do not like tan dolls....that turned me off of Going Public Eugenia, Cruise Control Vanessa, and Sweet Confection Poppy...I don't know if the sculpts look weird to me or what.  But Natalia is awesome- and those shoes and that purse! I see them being sold for big bucks on ebay...the purse really zips open!

So I definitely think these ladies will be staying...the outfits were beautiful, especially the accessories. I simply adore Poppy's shoes, I did not put her gloves on, that is something I miss, when ladies actually wore matching shoes, purse, gloves and hats. (yeah, I'm only 47, but I still remember my mother and grandmother dressing to go shopping in the 60's...when shopping used to be a trip and not a drive-by type of experience like
I will definitely take some better more in depth pictures of the dolls....later. I am working on a photostory continuing the dolls, Ricky, Hannah & Ryan McDonald, as well as giving Barbietown a re-vamp before a playdate coming up with some friends! So stay tuned!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another summer clearance sale!July 22-25

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tiny Fashion Dolls- Dawn...& Clean up of the DOll Room!

Barbietown has been cleaned up and re-organized. One problem is there was so much STUFF in the doll room and no where to walk. (for humans who take pictures, that is...I think the dolls do fine.) Bobby Greene lost his alley where he had his junk car parked that is being restored (the big orange corvette that is off brand in the front of the pic to the left-) that pile of stuff to the right in the last pic above is my piano from when I was three and my footstool my dad made me and I was taught at the age of 9 years old how to needlepoint by my mother. The piano is piled with items that are dollhouse related as well as dolls. If I move those items, I will have more space to spread out the limits of Barbietown! So I will be purchasing more posterboard later.
I needed to reposition the desk that holds the tinies' dollhouse which is on wheels. This is my old or first dollhouse I had when I was nine and the tiny bjd's and the mini american girl dolls are living there....I also wanted to make room to get to my other dollhouse, the Strawberry hill that was a yard sale dollhouse and I redid a few years ago, but never put windows in. I have recently re-discovered my Dawn & Pippa fashion dolls which I played with as a child and were actually the first dolls to live in my dollhouse the tinies live in...I may play switcheroo and move the tinies back to the Strawberry hill dollhouse. It depends on how modern the Dawns wish to live!
So here are more pics of the doll room....

In one of these pics, you can see all of the dollhouses together and how cluttered up the Strawberry Hill dollhouse is. So don't know yet if all of the Dawn dolls will live in the Strawberry hill, this is just something I am turning over in my mind. This house was actually supposed to be for my reproduction penny wooden Dutch dolls, since it looked so very victorian and it may still be furnished for them. The Dawns may need a new house!lol....

So here are some pics I snapped quickly of my Dawn collection. I am missing a Dawn doll that I purchased off of Ebay, will have to get pics of her later...

My Dawns have been stored in their case. Dawn fashion dolls and their clones like Pippa, were manufactured from 1969 to the early 70's. They were actually sometimes cheaper than Barbie- at that time you mainly had Malibu Barbie. I loved my Barbies but a doll was expensive back then- $3.99!!(wouldn't you love to pay $3-5 for a high quality doll now??) I think Dawns ran about $1.99-2.99 back then or less, their clothing might have cost .75 to $1.50 for their clothing. The 70s weren't that great for Barbie as far as clothes, and Dawn had gorgeous miniature evening gowns, some of which I still have...Barbie was too busy being a hippie and a surfer girl (yawnon the fashion back then, which were awful). So many times when given the choice between a fashion for Barbie or Dawn, I either chose a Dawn doll or her fashion. I remember Ben Franklin selling them alot as a child, as well as Memco and Woolworth's.
The last picture above is of Dinah? I think her name is, arranging flowers in my Tara dollhouse. Couldn't get a clear picture but her evening gown is still in good conditon and she was wearing shoes!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rainy day project- Making Miniature Food...

Though I had an important event to attend today, this morning was pretty much mine. Since I got up early, I was a little bored, so decided to sort thru my craft supplies and toss what wasn't finished, old or ugly. I quickly came across some miniature foods I hadn't finished. I had made a ton of miniature breads, so I gathered them up and organized them thinking they would look great finished in the Minnie's sweet shop bakery I had started building a few months ago. Here are some pics...

Remember, this was an unfinished project!

Poppy has been shopping, and is going to display some of the wonderful baguettes and french breads she bought, along with that bouquet of roses, c'est du pain! (Poppy's hands are so expressive they look perfect holding the baguette, croissant and roll! I make alot of my breads out of air dry clays and them color them with chalks, paints,or watercolor washes. The best thing about air dry clays is it looks like real, sliceable bread. These had already been colored and sculpted, just needed to be organized and displayed.

There was also this wonderful cake with tiny hearts on it, with a slice out of it, in a cake box that I had made long ago when I first started doing dioramas. The cake box is a printie from Ann Vantura's Paper Minis .

Poppy had seen some maccaroons on Flicker, so I decided to take some of the sculpted bits and see how a biscuitto colored one would look with a blue creme filling. She liked them. Later on, I will try the colored maccarroons with the matching/coordinating filling and wafer colors in polymer clay

I also worked on some donuts...

I thought these turned out pretty good, with the different colors of icing. They probably need sprinkles to give them more pop. I had already made the donuts, just needed to ice them.

So that was my rainy day project this morning. I would like to make more miniature food in 1:6 scale, I also created a polymer cherry pie, but am still tweaking that.