Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Honor of the Royal Wedding....tea anyone?

In honor of the royal wedding yesterday...of Prince William & Kate Middleton, now the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, I decided to take some pics of one of my favorites teacups, the Prince Charles and Princess Diana commemorative teacup/saucer that was created by Crown Trent in honor of the birth of their first child, Prince William. It seems like only yesterday that we watched as Dianna brought him home from the hospital!

In honor of the occasion, Annabelle decided to serve High tea. Set is Luxury French Rement, this is one of my favorites sets. The table is a One of a Kind Bespaq prototype table.Yes, I am still working on her outfit!lol!

These are some closeups of the teacup, this is one of my favorites pieces in my collection of tea items & china.

Congratulations Prince William & Princess Catherine!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter from the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse!

Happy Easter from the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse!

For anyone who knows me, you know I love a way, Easter to me is better than Christmas...and it is about more than wonderful chocolates, jelly beans, or Easter bunnies.  We celebrated beginning on Saturday night, with Easter Vigil & Mass at church, and what a beautiful candlelight service it was.

The Cross staged in the hallway before entering the sanctuary of the Church. It was a beautiful service.

Our preparations go to the dolls, who of course must celebrate Easter, such as the  new little Easter Chelsea, all decked out in her bunny ears with her tiny basket near the flowers on the table, for Easter dinner.

The dogwood branches are from our dogwood in the front yard, and I usually use the best china & the silver. It made for a nice lovely table, in preparation for our Easter dinner.  I must admit, I cannot resist using my dolls to celebrate the season...

                                           Happy Easter from the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Va. Fashion Doll club meeting- Tea in the Garden!

This past Sunday I attended my Va. Fashion Doll Club meeting- which was Tea in the garden of our club president. The dolls were to wear a fashion or tea related, and here they are on the runway table. We had great fun and there were lovely tea tarts, tea sandwiches- cucumber, chicken salad, egg salad, fruit, scones and variety of teas- Earl Grey my dear.  Shown here on the runway are some of the stunning ladies who attended!

I of course, carried Poppy Parker in her ribbon fashion I had made- she looks like a beauty in the spring colors, and all ready for tea in the garden with daisies in her hair. 

While us ladies had tea in the garden, our first Ken dolls or our first Ken dolls as collectors, waited for the ladies on a table inside. I brought Roger Sterling, as with all the dolls packed up because of the move from the shop, my first Ken doll- Malibu Ken- was packed away. Luckily, Mad Men Ken was available.

Some of the items we had on the table for Tea, and of course, our teacups we each brought. In honor of Prince William getting married this week to Kate Middleton, I brought my commomerative teacup with Prince Charles & Princess Diana's pictures on it- this teacup (right) was created in honor of their first born son- Prince William of Wales.  What a great way to celebrate the wedding of Prince William- tea int he garden with dolls!lol!

Some of the ladies brought by club members for tea, displayed on the coffee table inside before gooing outdoors for the runway.
Was a great club day- and planning for our next club meeting in May coming up- Miss America contest with actual costume changes. My state will be Georgia, and am already planning what outfits and what doll would look like a perfect Miss Georgia!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A is for Annabelle.Project ..continued

My A is for Annabelle project is slowly, slowly coming along. Annabelle now has a negligee & a skirt & chemisette blouse, and a petticoat to wear now. I have not had time to cut out the jacket waist with ruffled sleeves to complete her outfit on the cover/flyleaf of the book, not find a bonnet that would be suitable. This was my first chemisette made from a pattern on French Fashion Revue, and I drafted the pattern for the skirt myself, and her petticoat as well. I at first wanted to stick to antique looking fabrics, but decided to use readily available fabrics instead of trying to be slavish to the period-- I am more concerned if my look mirrors what Tasha drew. This is a fun project, and I have alot of work ahead- the next is her 'box' or trunk in the hall...I am thinking of looking for one of those trunks at Hobby Lobby or Michael's when they come around again.
I have not done very much with the 1:6 scale dollhouse, and I am still inthe process of making room in our den for it, and it will probably receive a few repairs and touchups. When I do get it set up, the kitchen is on the list for revamping. I have a few more fashion dolls I need to post about, but that will come after I get the photos arranged & set up! Enjoy the pictures of Annabelle.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A is for Annabelle...continued

All has been quiet in the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse....and I have finished part of Annabelle's outfit from the book.."A is for Annabelle,' by Tasha Tudor. Here she is shown above beside my prototype Bespaq french tea table with a cup of tea (Rement, Luxury French series) on display with other pieces of Bespaq in large scale at a program I recently presented for the Capital Doll Club on April 5th, 2011. (See for more on this presentation, & more pics.) As you can see, I made her a chemisette from a pattern on French Fashion Doll review I printed off online, and her skirt was made with measurements & my own pattern. I also finished a petticoat, shortening the skirt pattern and adding some ruffled ribbon to help the skirt sit out. I now need to finish the top jacket with the sleeves Tasha drew for Annabelle on the flyleaf picture of the book, and also work on getting her a bonnet. I have stopped on this project so far since I have been working lately on the larger dolls in Pumpkin Hill who need my attention and have very active lives. Annabelle is my quiet little china angel, and sewing for her I try to achieve as much perfection as I can, for this little french fashion beauty.
I haven't done very much in the way of setting up the dollhouse, as I am unpacking alot of items that were moved from the shop, and the boxes containing the furniture are still packed up, though I took a few samples to the doll club presentation.  I am hoping to get along enough to get back to my sewing & design challenges for myself, especially from watching the Couture Doll Design challenge- it is amazing what some of the contestants did with ribbon! So am hoping to get some pictures of some scenes together, when I get a chance to set up some scenes- especially for Easter.