Thursday, January 26, 2012

Leekeworld Doll Project Rainy...relisted on ebay- today

She's back- and relisted on Ebay. I really need to move my dolls, the BIN she was listed on has ended. Her new auction link  is:

9.99 LOW starting bid - 5 day auction, ends on 1/31/12! No free shipping on this one. I will combine with other dolls, wait for an invoice if you are bidding on several dolls.

I have alsolisted some other silkstone Barbies, such as Silkstone Loungerie, as well as a Tonner Basic Louise Devereaux doll, 16 inches tall.
Please check my auction link-  I may be listing another bjd today, along with other items.
Thank you for helping me find homes for the dolls!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Silkstones & more bjd's on sale on Ebay

Some more Silkstones hit the Ebay auction link here today, along with two bjd's...

First up, The Showgirl and Toute de Suite. Both have their boxes, stands, etc. Toute de Suite was displayed here in the dollhouse, but Showgirl was only taken out of the box to look at, has never been displayed, kept stored in her box.

Also up, are my MSD sized Goodreau 'Dorothy' from the Wizard of Oz series with her Dorothy wig and glitter boots, as well as her custom made mohair wig I had for her.

I also have my Dollfactory Bebe Polar Bear tiny bjd up for auction as well. All of these dolls are started at a 9.99 auction bid, with 5 to 7 days. I have more dolls that I need to move, so please watch the auction link! I have too many dollies and they need new homes!

Monday, January 23, 2012

On auction NRFB Silkstone Barbie 'Soiree' 2007...

One of my favorite NRFB dolls is leaving,...Silkstone Barbie 'Soiree' 2007, Gold Label.
Click  HERE  for the dolls' auction link.  She is truly one of the Holy Grails for collectors, I know she was for me....

Doll starts on 5 day auction on Ebay, click above link, at $59 w/ free shipping in the USA. I am starting her at a low bid.

Last doll listed for today- and watch my Auction Link for more dolls being added each day as I go thru the collection.

More dolls listed- Silkstones & Leekeworld tiny bjd

Yes, more dolls are leaving the One Sixth Scale dollhouse. Last night I listed two of my Silkstones. I have enjoyed them but it's time for them to move on. Tweed Indeed, has her box, stand, everything but her purse and has never been undressed, just displayed in the dollhouse.
Highland Fling is nude, no box or stand. Both dolls were started off at $9.99 starting bid, since they are both incomplete with accessories &/or box/stand.

Other Barbies, one a custom I never completely finished, a bridal doll I worked on- her dress has been customized with the addition of a chiffon train and rhinestones scattered on her gown as well as a boil perm and rhinestone bracelet and ring. Another $9.99 bargain is Fashion model Muse Barbie in her pink & black striped zebra bikini, complete with jewelry and shoes, I used her for a few summer dioramas I had.

Last but not least, Leekeworld Event Doll 'Rainy' limited edition. She was purchased on pre-order last year between Feb. 16-March 20th, 2011. In fact, I think I got my pre order in just before the event closed for this little darling. Rainy, or April Mae, as I called her, is basic skin tone, and the wig is her event wig as shown in the Leekeworld pics. Factory faceup and body blushing, factory eyes, which are brown. She comes with her wig and her little dress I have for her.
I am asking $225 w/ free shipping in the USA. Her auction is up Here  it is a Buy it Now, and ends 1/26/12. 

I will be listing more dolls as I decide what to part with, what to keep, so please watch my auction listings, I will be starting the dolls at low prices.
Thank you-

Sunday, January 22, 2012

On Auction: Poppy Parker, Blonde Ambition & Body Double Veronique

These are the W club dolls just listed on Ebay HERE  I have lowered the price of Poppy Parker Summer Magic to starting bid of $99 w/ free shipping in the Continental US.
Also, listed at $95 starting bid w/ free ship in the US are W Club Blonde Ambition Veronique & Body Double Veronique.
All three are on 5 day auctions, I will combine if you win all three. Check our auction link as I also have Gene dolls, and Barbie listed. I am still working on sorting thru the dolls such as my Silkstones, not yet listed.
Reluctant Debutante Poppy Parker has been sold

For Sale: Poppy Parkers, Reluctant Debutante, Summer Magic

Hi everyone. Well, it is time to part with some dolls due to medical expenses from last year, and I have acquired too many fashion dolls. It breaks my heart to part with these two Poppy Parkers, but I must. I have already listed them for sale on the W club forum and the Doll Divas message board, if I hear nothing by the end of the day they will be listed on Buy It Nows on Ebay with Free shipping. I am hoping to just sell them quickly by tomorrow morning. Link for dolls on Ebay after today 1/22/12 will be HERE . I already have some playline Barbies listed, and will be listing more dolls as I sort and that includes my Gene dolls as well.

Terms: I will invoice you for the amount via Paypal. You must contact me via EMAIL with your address, name, and email addy so I can invoice you. When payment is received after invoice is sent, I will ship your doll. I will ship internationally, via USPS Priority international mail, please send your address & country for me to calculate correct shipping cost for you. I ship Monday thru Friday. Depending on your location, I will ship via USPS Priority mail or UPS Ground.

First up- Summer Magic Poppy Parker, $175 with free shipping in the USA only, comes NUDE with box and stand. Mint condition, has been displayed in my dollhouse.

2nd up- Reluctant Debutante Poppy Parker- SOLD! 1/22/12