Sunday, May 14, 2023

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

I have not posted in a very long while, but I am hoping that will change soon as I am attempting- to organize the dolls and their clothing and get together some new color coordinated backdrops for the vintage dolls for photodrops. I have taken something of a hiatus from purchasing new dolls except for the Poppys on pre-order- (Curiouser and Curiouser Alice Poppy Parker should be arriving soon!) and so should Stand Up and Cheer! Poppy when we get the payment notice in the upcoming months. 

Here are some photos from the archives! 

 Have a Happy Mother's Day dolls!

Monday, April 17, 2023

Happy Birthday Gene Marshall!

April 17th is Gene Marhsall's birthday! 

This is my photo for this years birthday party for Gene. I have ones from previous years...

The first year trio I was ambitious and made all of my Gene and Madra dolls dresses from patterns when I got hot and heavy back into Gene collecting. I had purchased them from Ebay and doll shows and my Ultimate Madra came from a well know auctioneer online from her FB Auctions that I follow. I also was able to repurchase Vee Jordan, an Integrity doll I had previously once had, on eBay for a great price. Trent was a great ebay find too. Then several other dolls came home with me from doll shows, including Gene's party cake and accessories. The previous white cake I made myself. 


I am so sorry I did not post for Easter! Here are some of my photos from Easter-

We had a really great time. 

I hope you enjoyed the dolly Easter photos! Happy 'late' Easter!


Monday, March 27, 2023

Va Fashion Doll Club March/ April Meeting- Barbie's Pets in the Park

Yesterday, On Sunday March 26th was my Va. Fashion Doll Club meeting. It was a combination March/ April meeting since Bradley is having his mini weekend in April and GAW is just around the corner for many of our club members, April is a very hectic month combined with the Easter holiday and spring break. Our club had just celebrated Barbie's  birthday earlier in March- I could not go it was my anniversary weekend - with the Betty Pickett purses- so this late weekend in March they decided to do Barbie's Pets in the Park. 

We did a wonderful selection of spring foods and I did my wonderful deviled eggs with our eggs that we get from the local farmer who has Japense silkie chickens- a delicate egg that is small but has a rich egg yolk and makes a wonderful deviled egg along with our homemade pickles. The club ladies loved them!

So onto the photos! Our meeting was held at the club president's home Debbie's house and her fabulous collection you will see pics of . 

My dolls- Birthstone Beauty and Kelly with pugdogs and Honey dog

Allison's doll with poodle and Betty Pickett purse

Allison's doll with dog

Debbie's doll in blue with poodle

Anna's silkstone BARBIE

Doll in pink, Jodie with pet pig Charlotte

Doll with black poodle, club President Debbie
Two dollsin back by Allison
Doll in orange, Scarlett

Janice's dolls with horse Dancer and pony for Skipper

Anitas dolls all dressed in clothing handmade by her
Skipper's dress is made from handkerchief

Christina's doll with pet

Allison's doll dressed by Hilda w/ Betty Pickett purse

 The adorable ice cream cart music box with Todd is by our club president Debbie, and is from Hobby Lobby. The doll in blue with the pink poodle is owned by Allison. 

Our club is noted for refreshments! I have to say I ourdid myself on my deviled eggs with my homemade pickles. I did two trays of these on my vintage matching crystal egg platters and they were a hit. I did not use ordinary eggs but Japanese silkie eggs that I get delivered to me from a local farmer with regular eggs. (I don't buy eggs from the market, I just get farm fresh eggs from our local farms) They are a smaller egg and have a richer yolk. They are delicious when deviled and they ladies loved them. 

Dolls dressed in OOAK Outfits from OOAK Convention that Debbie and Lieslie attended 

Debbie's doll and my Poppy Parker with Betty Pickett purses 

Dolls for Barbies birthday dressed in birthday attire with Betty Pickett purses with the Va Fashion Doll Logo on them

These are displays throughout the room/ home of our club president for her home decorated for Easter.