Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!

                                                      Happy Easter!

These are photos of my Ivy Jordan / Gene Marshall Integrity doll that I just finished her Easter dress and hat today- on Easter! . Not bad for a first try at a Vogue vintage Pattern for Gene Marshall & friends. I had this amazing lavender cotton print that I knew would be perfect for Easter. 

The lower photo is of our dogwood and Japanese cherry tree, decorated with Easter eggs on ribbon. I have more eggs to hang, but had to decorate our Easter tree indoors as well. My mother did this years ago and I always remembered how wonderful it looked. The blossoms from the cherry tree have begun to fall, and it looks beautiful as they rain down with the pastel eggs swinging in the wind. 

We had Easter dinner, and it was wonderful- a pork roast, with broccoli slaw and ice tea, and water. I have cut back on the sweets this year except for our one exception- jellybeans which both my husband and I adore. I meant to make a cake today but just ran out of time. Maybe sometime this week. Sometimes it's more important to just enjoy the beautiful holiday and the lovely weather. 

Here is our Easter tree = complete with bunny ears! I even put them on Santa! He looks pretty nifty in them. lol. The eggs are from Oriental trading company and so is the curling ribbon- all with free shipping. I ordered 144 2 inch eggs and I still have some left. I have always wanted an Easter tree and I might do an even more elaborate one next year. It turned out so lovely. 

My two favorite bears in my old Easter basket I had as a child, lined with some different colored mohair 'grass' and eggs. 

The dolls on the table near the tree, dressed for Easter. I need to take some new photos as I found baskets for them and bigger chicks too. 

Some photos from the archives of past Easter holidays.....

More photos of Ivy-

More photos of the egg tree-

I hope you have a safe and Happy Easter!

Monday, March 22, 2021

A Bed for the Dollhouse /Barbie's Birthday

 Recently, Barbie's Birthday celebration came and went and my Va. Fashion doll club celebrated with a ZOOM meeting online and everyone having a 'Birthday Buddy' or secret exchange partner for Barbie's birthday. We were to purchase a gift for our partner and mail or deliver it to them after names were drawn, and then open our gift on the ZOOM meeting date of March 14th. We all dressed a doll, had a festive food or drink, and items to share later . 

I had a different person to purchase for than the buddy who gave me my gift. I received a wonderful bed- made by a dealer for Grant A Wish Convention 2014. It was awesome, and my exchange buddy had purchased it on the Facebook Pink Heels buy and sell page. Below are photos of it in its box and set up. 

After I had it set up, and displayed with Poppy Parker, I knew it would fit Annabell, my reproduction French Fashion doll, and her house. And it fit her room perfectly. 

This is an update on the dollhouse. Shows the parlor, dining room, kitchen, Annabelle's bedroom , hallway, and Marie Terese's bedroom. I still need a bed for her room as well. Collecting suitable sized furniture for this house and the dolls has been work, as they are 'chunky' 1:6 scale and the house is a homemade 'Dad' dollhouse and more suitable for Barbie - the rooms cold do with being larger. It sounds awful, but I eventually hope to find an even larger house for my two French fashion dolls and use this one for my Poppy Parker dolls, lol. I do love it so. But my husband would kill me for taking more room up in the garage with ANOTHER dollhouse or diorama unfinished. lol. 

The only problem I have with this bed is it is silver and not a brass looking color/finish. I am very tempted to spray paint it so it will go with the period as I am planning to make a striped mattress for it and a set of pillows and sheets and dust ruffle skirting for it- as well as a crazy quilt or a regular quilt for the bed. I have always wanted to do a miniature crazy quilt or yo yo quilt from my mother's yoyos she left me too. So this will be a fun project. 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day- a few days late!

 I am a few days late on my St. Patricks' day posting- I completely forgot and got sidetracked on Wednesday. Too much 'life got in the way' of dolly posting. But here are some 'blasts from the pasts' as well as pics of my St. Patrick's day tree. 

Some of the dolls and the wearing of the green......

I hope you had a happy St. Patrick's day, and enjoy the photos of the dolls.