Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Graceful Reign Vanessa Perrin

Well she finally arrived. Graceful Reign Vanessa Perrin. She is truly a queen among dolls. I love her gown and cape and jewelry. I really wish her shoes had been like Agnes' with a Twist which were mules /rhinestoned and her crown not such a halo weird design, but a true tiara. No princess wears such a hollyweird design. 

 But, hey, the gloves look lovely even though they are grey with a silver, gold and white brocade gown. It looks off. Really off. Why they could not have gone with white gloves which is what would have looked like high society. These designers. 

I may look for a better tiara than this thing because if it is not stationed perfectly, it falls off. 

So here are the photos-

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Hallmark Christmas Barbie Ornaments thrift store finds

I was out last week in town and so rarely get to thrift for fun but this week I found items that were doll- Barbie related. Hallmark Barbie Christmas ornaments. 

Actually, I found more than what is pictured here, but funds were limited and I had to go to other stores along the way. So could not buy all of them. It really astonishes me what people will donate to the Goodwill. I found the 2009 shoe ornament, 2006, and 2007 Christmas Barbie ornaments. I really wish I could have afforded the others, since the past Barbie ornaments are on my bucket list to get. My goal is to eventually have a 6ft pink tree covered in Hallmark Barbie ornaments, and I'm well on my way so far. 

 I am hoping to make my way back to that Goodwill and see if there are any of those ornaments left. Not everybody loves Barbie. If not, I may scoop them up. The boxes were kind of scuffed/dented, but they look really great on my little tree in my doll room, which I keep up all year round. I am hoping eventually to have a larger doll room where I can have a larger tree stay up all year in the corner of the room and more shelf space for the dolls. 


Saturday, January 21, 2023

Registration Dolls- Agnes With a Twist & Ultra Violet Poppy Parker

My Registration dolls arrived- Agnes Von Weiss- with a Twist and Ultra Violet Poppy Parker. 

W club has not exactly hit it out of the park. Agnes' dress is made out of some yarn fabric that is frankly not impressive but cheap feeling/looking but her accessories and shoes are good, I love her shoes, makeup and hair. 

Poppy is a darker skin tone than the photos in person. I thought her more native american or India- Indian     quite frankly, but I am pleased with her hair and face up. I am not impressed with this so called groovy outfit. Someone has smoked too much pot - and loves purple. A cute dress or pants outfit instead of the garish coat with hot pants and these boots in purple, purple purple....takes away from her loveliness. A little re-dressing will hopefully rectify this. In my photos, I have not even tried to put on those impossible boots. More photos will come later when I find a suitable outfit for her.

 I love Agnes because she comes with a martini, and looks so 1960's, her jewelry is wonderful and that hairdo! The dress will have to go. Right now I think I can tolerate it, but it looks like something out of my mothers crochet bag. Poor Aggie. 

Hopefully, Graceful Reign who is scheduled to arrive next week, will be turned out a little better than these ladies.