Friday, October 15, 2021

Palm Springs Pink Lemonade Poppy Parker

 She has arrived!!

Here she is in a quick photoshoot with my Bratz Corvette outside on the railing. It goes perfect with her outfit and that hair!

These are photos of the box art graphics. Divine and they can be used as a background. I love the medallions on them. The box art on the Poppy Boxes are lovely, like you are getting a present. It makes them extremely hard to throw away. 

Also, here are some photos are Fluffy, who wanted to show off her new Halloween Jester collar while trying to steal my office chair in the doll room...

Update on the doll room- we have painted the walls and the floor, installed shelving in the closet for the 16 inch dolls, and next on the list is to install the main shelving on the right wall where all the dolls will be displayed. The price of shelving and brackets, screws, tracking is astronomical and we are going to various sources to get the best price since we need so many brackets and sturdy shelves. The drapes and valance arrived yesterday for the room. I will be giving you more updates as they are finished. One of the items to get a makeover will be my childhood desk you see next to the chair - we purchased a piece of wood and spray paint so it will match the room, and will stain the top. I have had this desk every since I was about  years old. Not it will match the room. After the shelving is done, then the rug. 

Monday, October 11, 2021

New Outfits for Annabelle and Marie Terese

I have been busy busy busy- pre-occupied with the doll room re-vamp. But I was finally able to finish the outfits for Marie Terese and Annabell. I am still working on Marcus' frock coat and attempting to find him proper shoes. For now, here are their finished outfits for the French Fashion Doll group Autumn Challenge. 

 I used patterns from Guildebrief for Annabelle's dress and one from Antique Doll Collector for Marie Terese. Marie Terese's hat actually belonged to a Victoir Roux W Club Fashion Royalty doll and was borrowed for this photo shoot. I made Annabelle's hat and her shawl was a lace doily. The umbrellas for the rainy misty day are also borrowed from Silkstone Barbie and Fashion Royalty ladies. 

I hope you enjoy- 


Sunday, October 3, 2021

Richmond, Virginia Doll and Teddy Bear show October 2, 2021


I had an incredible fun day yesterday at the Richmond, Virginia Doll and teddy bear show October 2, 2021 on Saturday. My Va. Fashion Doll Club members were there and had a booth (above is not them, but one of our friends' booths) and I was able to go and gather everything on my list that I wanted. I even met and acted all ''fangirl' on Angela Jones who does her wonderful Facebook auctions Live and she was on Facebook Live that day purchasing for clients/customers. She took a pic of me and I met her husband Russell too. I have purchased my Ultimate Madra Gene in Pink Envy from her. 

I met Marina and Karon my doll buddies there and we shopped and talked, and then all went out to lunch. Marina had brought along Clifford, her roommate with her and we all had fun going to Stevie B's for lunch, which is a pizza and salad buffet near the show venue. 

Here is my doll haul from my list. My list entailed looking for Gene items and a vintage outfit for the Ken doll for my raffle for the doll club raffle project I am working on, and a stand for him. 

I was MORE than successful. I was able to pick up four nude Ashton-Drake Gene dolls with their stands all from the same dealer- as well as a bag of Gene heads.

One of those heads, a Violet Waters, is an Ashton Drake, the rest are Integrity I think from my research. One is a Zita Charles, the other is a Gene Marshall, one I have not been able to identify- the sideglance 

I was able to pick up a red pair of shoes- none of which fit Gene- the dealer threw in for free. A Red suit Franklin Mint, red luggage, also Gene luggage, a mirror framed with the Gene fan,, the Gene birthday cake set- all for $70

from another dealer I was able to pick up the two hatboxes. One had the loungerie with black hose and black shrug, the other had the Simply Gene pink bathing suit with shoes, and three pairs of shoes. Both were $5 each. The dealer threw in a 12 inch Kaiser stand, so I had my stand for my Ken doll!

I purchased the vintage Ken doll pants and shirt for $1 each from my club members booth. 

I loved the dolls I purchased- one with the updo still had her earrings in and all of them had hose on. 

Ashton-Drake Swingtime Violet Waters head 

I think this is possibly a Stardust Gene Marshall 2010 from the Stardust convention 

I researched this head and found she was an Integrity 'Hostess with the Mostess' Zita Charles
2010 from the Stardust convention

This is the one I am having problems figuring out what Gene/ Madra/ Zita ?? she is because of the side glance eyes. 

The lining of the red luggage interior. It really opens and closes.

My doll room is currently being worked on, and the closet is being turned into shelves for the taller dolls. More photos will be posted later, when the room is further along, but right now this was the only place I had to stage dolls as all of my surfaces are literally covered with boxes and items until I can move the items back into the doll room,lol. from construction of the shelves and the painting when it is completed. 

Hope you enjoyed my photos.Lisa