Saturday, October 29, 2011

Challenge 4: Jungle print wear at the Annual Tea part at Villa Hanbury

Challenge four of the International Fashion Royalty Jet Set Diva flicker group was the annual tea at Villa Hanbury wearing animal prints. (Mind, I have no idea where alot of the photo challenges are set, but it is fun imagining myself or my doll there.) This challenge I was a little challenged- especially on animal print wear. I then remembered this lovely chaise in leopard I had, and went from there since Photobucket was being agreeable today...I also felt like Daria was being a little rebellious- or rather I was-- and I decided on a decidedly Humphrey Bogart approach to this whole animal prints tea as you can see above. I don't blame Daria at all for looking bored...and the next challenge has just been posted, which phew! is a lot easier. Enjoy the photos!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Challenge 3:Shopping at St. Tropez

Challenge 3- Shopping in St. Tropez...for the International Fashion Royalty Jetset Diva on Flicker is what it is all about. Though I enjoyed the last challenge, I had more time on that day to play with photoflexer on photobucket , but none this I used a corner of the One Sixth Scale dollhouse dining room/salon and came up wtih this. I opened my Target Barbie and  used that fabulous sheath because Daria's earrings and gladiator heels were perfect for this scene...along with the hard to find Rement set on the table. I thought the setup more personal than pasting Daria into a flashy pic, and for me, whole lots quicker! More pics in my flicker album...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Challenge 2:Breakfast at Tiffany's...with a twist, s'il vous plait!

Challenge 2 on the JetSet International Divas group on Flicker- Breakfast at Tiffany's...remember the iconic scene with Holly GoLightly eating her bagel and coffee in her tiara, diamonds, and chic black evening dress? Yeah, I wear that too every morning for breakfast . Challenge two was to add an 'a la twist' accessory for the models, along with their diamonds and black evening gown, only at Tiffany's at 6 rue de la Paix! I admit this one had me racking my brains. So since I was short on time and backdrops, I was desperate. I resorted to photoshop. I know...dioramas are my passion, but even I have limitations on with just a week to conceive, build, paint, glue, ...well you get the idea.

So I was feeling a little quirky with Daria, so this is what I came up with....

Daria is ...celebrating, rather early in the day, but hey, she's in front of Tiffany's, sitting on her Jag, with designer shopping bags to the max, her yorkie poo on the back of the hood, her purse ascew, and a bucket of champagne, and in the background? Well Tiffany's is giving away all those little delicious blue boxes tied with white ribbons, just giving away the diamonds I tell you. I guess I'd be like this little plastic diva and get toasted Diamonds and Tiffany's, what more could a diva want?
It's a fun challenge, and really made me rack my brains ..I used a necklace set from a Metrodolls outfit I had for Gene, which just popped with Agnes in M Conerto's dress...the car is a remote control jag that is from the bratz line....only shorty barbie and my tiny bjd's wlll fit in it!
Have some more wonderful pics of Slipper with her new wigs and shoes that just arrived today- now I just have to find time to make her dress to go with the wigs, a la Marie Antoinette. More later- and enjoy the pics!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Daria meets her Prince in Monaco....

I took some pictures for a Flicker group contest recently, just for fun with my fashion dolls, and it has been fun. The group, International Jet Set diva fashion dolls is offering a prize, but since I am not so gifted with Photoshop like the other dolly collectors, I have to rely on my props. lol. The challenge was for the models to meet in Monaco for cocktails, and meet the Princes Andrea and Pierre, and party the night away. I hit on the idea of the Monaco throne room which I had seen pictures of, and tried to emulate a reasonable fact similar. The throne base is two placques, painted gold with a piece of red velvet cut for the top and also for the carpet. The black and white marble floor is a large placemat made of squares from Pier One. The chair and table are Bespaq, wine bucket, wine bottole, glasses are Rement. Mirrors are by my great friend, Jim Coates Miniatures on Ebay. I googled picturs of Prince Albert and Prince Rainier of Monaco and noticed their sash is red, white , red and not blue like Prince Charles' in England. The small charm is a charm sewn on so it would look like an order/.medal on the sash. Daria's dress is Dressmaker Details and shoes are by the Dolls'  Cobbler.
Enjoy the pics!