Thursday, December 30, 2021

New Dolls! And End of the Year...

I have de-boxed Jade Hunter- another Rainbow High Cheerleader. I am excited to find her- I found her at Target. They are putting the dolls on great prices now. Very hard to resist!

 I really love the neon green color of this doll and her faceup. Plus the flat shoes /flat feet are cute, like a real cheerleader should have. Makes her look more athletic. Here is a pic of the three I have so far:

I was trying to think of what my end of the year reflections and new Year goals would be and realized for the last 2-3 years I have not made any entries on my blog what my goals for my collection were, - zero, squat. 

For many people, 2020 with Covid was a bad year and I would have to agree. But for me and my husband, 2019 was a horrific year with illness - he was in and out of the husband at least 8-9 times suffering from sepsis, twice- heart surgery, and cancer resulting in an amputation below the knee. Rehab , learning how to walk with a prostestic limb, multiple doctor visits during the week, altering our home to accomadate a wheelchair and other handicap equipment, were all part of the whirlwind that affected my life. Sadly, this severely affected finances and during that time dolls were not on my high list of priorities. I still love dolls and only this year early have got back into the swing of collecting and enjoying my dolls back like I used to. 

My goals this year, are a little different. 

1- Catalogue my collection with prices, photos and inventory each doll and their stock outfit-(if they came with one) so I know the value/ cost/ etc. 

2- Continue to work on getting my doll room so I have a room to display my collection. 

 My husband and I started working on re-painting and re-vamping the interior of our home and now that he is retired because of his health, he likes to do home projects and is doing alot of the work around the house himself. So one of his goals is to turn one of spare bedrooms into my doll room with built in shelves. It will be a slow process, since much has to be done.

3- Explore my new collecting spheres.

    I have begun collecting 'new' things- and some of those new things are Barbie Hallmark ornaments. I am so hooked. I love that I already had some- having a Barbie themed Christmas tree is fun and on the hunt for these ornaments is especially fun purchasing them in lots and finding one that means alot. 

I also have begun collecting dolls in other avenues- Franklin Mint- Gene Marshall, Tonner, Madame Alexander occasionally, and the list goes on. I find that if I like a doll, it doesn't really matter to me what company makes the doll, she /he just has to appeal to me. So in many ways, my doll horizons have opened/ widened. 

But most of all- enjoy what I already have. 

So right now, that is all I have this year. I am hoping 2022 will be much better on the horizon for all of us. I am working on something new for New Year's Eve- so stay tuned!


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Basic Agnes Von Weiss

I received Basic Agnes Von Weiss quite a while back in Late October or early November, but never got around to de-boxing her, and decided when I was decorating for Christmas- to wrap her so I could have the nostalgia of opening a doll on Christmas day. 

I love the nostalgia of a tree with beautifully decorated presents so I sometimes wrap boxes or have boxes with beautiful bows that match the tree's decor , just so hubby and I can sit back and enjoy the ambiance of the tree with out the hassle of all the gift shopping. We prefer to just buy whatever we want and enjoy it ahead of time- since it is just the two of us. Most of the time I want dolls any how and hubby loves cookies and candy. 

Here are the photos of Agnes deboxed and with her jewelry and sunglasses on. She reminds me of a blonde Cher. 

 I think the pale blue suits her. I am halfway tempted to take photos of her with Malibu Barbie, since this is the anniversary year of the Malibu Barbie/ Ken dolls.

I am really glad that W Club is creating basic dolls, as she is a lovely addition to my Agnes collection. Now to find the right ensemble for her. She is just so sleek and chic. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Rainbow High dolls alert- BOLO

SO I went shopping after the holidays at Walmart and found HER...

 That's right- Amaya Raine the super large 25 inch RainbowHigh doll. She is BIG. I have some large porcelains but had never seen her in person.The quality of her clothing, jewelry, shoes is just astounding- even the details on her hands and nails! 

If you haven't downloaded the Walmart app, it has a scan code, which is how I verified that she was 50% off - she was previously at $94, then lowered to $74 right before Christmas and now she is $49 at my Walmart. Depending on your local Walmart, she might be less.  I did not wait since there were only four on the shelf and I wanted to add her to my collection. I can't wait to stage her with my large scale handmade foods! I have needed a large, SD Scale BJD and this is the most inexpensive way to acquire one. lol. Her hands are going to be awesome to work with modeling my cakes and foods. Until I can afford a large SD BJD . 

I will have more doll unboxing posts coming so stay tuned! Now to be on the hunt to find her a chair!! 

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Countdown to Christmas- Day 25!

Countdown to Christmas- Day 25! Merry Christmas!

Our Nativity done in 1:6 scale that I did with the dolls doing a Christmas Pageant  one year, when my doll room was set up as a town with buildings, roads, etc. I would love to be able to do something similar to this again, or at least set up the Nativity scene again. 

Merry Christmas from us and Fluffy, our Queen Kitty, and to you. I hope your dolly dreams come true! Have a Happy New Year! I hope you have enjoyed this Blast from the Past with the One Sixth Scale dollhouse and More posts to come of the new dolls that I will be de-boxing. 

Friday, December 24, 2021

Countdown to Christmas- Day 24! Christmas Eve

Countdown to Christmas- Day 24! Christmas Eve!

 The family is celebrating at the Gothic Manor on Christmas Eve, and decorating the tree. 

Merry Christmas!

Stay tuned for our last day tomorrow- our Nativity scene!

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Countdown to Christmas- Day 16!

 Countdown to Christmas- Day 16!

Misty Hollows Poppy Parker and Pretty Bird Poppy Parker are decorating the tree...