Tuesday, August 30, 2022

More Doll Room Photos...

Santa's workshop and Bakery 

Re -arranging the closet shelves to house my collection of Bespaq; more photos of these shelves arrangements coming soon...

I have been working so hard for the past 10 days emptying out our storage unit of the store fixtures and old items, and treasures. It has been massive finding places to bring these items home and store them . I had to miss my doll club meeting while attending another club meeting on Sunday, which took time away from finishing the final sweeping and few boxes that needed to be brought home, but we finally finished it yesterday morning. I plan to display all of my Bespaq in my private collection from my years of selling the large scale items and finally enjoy it, and share it with others. I also have a project in the works too with some custom pieces. But the room isn't finished yet! lol. I still have some final touches to do. Lots of re-arranging and finishing to do, these are just quick snaps I took as I have been taking pics of things as I quickly arrange here and there. This room will be a very tight fit. I am working on getting ready for the multiple holidays now...Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. And I still need to take photos of Mystery Date Bowling DATE! So much to do!


Sunday, August 21, 2022

More Doll Room Re-arranging!

So I have broken down more shelves and done some more arranging and squeezing to move my other 1:6 scale dollhouse into the dollroom beside the 1:4 scale Our Generation Diner on the big table and two sets of crayola shelves back to back with the previous set and another set across so I have more room for more dolls  other items to be displayed. Below is the dollhouse moved in on its side of the table. I have already done some furniture placement along with my Victorian / period Barbies.

This is the W Club entrace nightclub set my buddy Karon gave me, I always thought it would be awesome to display gowned dolls on the red carpet and my police office guard doll. Need to dig him out of the bins.

Shows the back of the mod country barbie dollhouse and the rest of the shelf space, and where I put my Barbie ornament tree on the doll table with my large size 20 inch Amaya Rainbow High doll 

Barbie vintage camper, getting the dolls in their swimsuits to display

Below is my 1:12 scale Scrapbook store roombox. This needs some work as it has been in storage and suffered some glue drying up  / minor damage. 

The closet turned into shelf space


This shows the doll shelf turned outwards and the below photo shows the Maison de la Royale (the one sixth scale dollhouse) and how huge it is in the corner near my desk.

Hope you have enjoyed the progress pics so far! I will update with my photos of the Poppy Parker loves Mystery Date Bowling Date giftset soon, as I am in the midst of dressing multiple dolls and moving more dioramas to the dollroom and other rooms of items in my home as well. It is a process of sorting and keeping.