Monday, April 20, 2020

Friend or Foe Poppy Parker/ Ginger Gilroy giftset de-boxed

Since yesterday was Sunday, I had a goal to finish de-boxing the Poppy Parker/Ginger Gilroy Friend or Foe giftset and get some photos. Getting the jewelry and shoes are some of the most 'fiddly' parts of assembling these dolls as my fingers are not as adept with tiny things as they used to be. Inevitably, I am always distracted by minor domestic family disasters in the form of the hubcap needing something, looking for something that it seems only I, the domestic goddess can find for him...when I am having doll time. Which is now rare. So I informed the man of the place that I didn't want to be disturbed and sent him outside on the lovely sunny day while I completed my list of dolly to do'

The only thing I ABSOLUTELY hated about this set was Poppy's lavender ankle strap shoes. Those fu&$king shoes are incredibly hard to unstrap, restrap and why on earth would you create ankle straps that could be broken and have to be glued and stay on the damn doll when you gave us a darling pair of bow pump heels for Ginger?? Why David Why?? In the end I had to tuck in the ankle straps as I could not guarantee once unbuckled I could get them rebuckled around her damn ankles. Forgive my french but Integrity ticks me off. Just give us a pair of stiletto heeled pumps and let's be done with the fancy dancy ankle straps. It would be more cost effective. I could get the darn shoes on these dolls and they would look smashing. (Besides, I hate ankle strap shoes. ) And this is mainly my arthritis talking. It was hard enough to get their necklaces on. 

Otherwise, the dolls were gorgeous. They looked like they stepped out the late 1950's early 1960's with those lovely dresses and jewelry and the little stoles. Sort of like the little dresses Hayley Mills wore in Parent Trap. Oh I would love a twin Poppy Parker of her in her flower girl dress and her camp outfit. These dresses reminded me of that era,

So let's get on with the photos.

Poppy and Ginger , arriving at the Spa...

In their lovely.  And now, Poppy and Ginger are waiting for the suite reservation to open up at the spa. The maid is handling the luggage. They have settled down at the arboretum at the hotel to wait for their room confirmation for a spot of tea but are overwhelmed by the male admirers .....Ginger casually asks for a light on her cigarette and Poppy speaks to one of the gentlemen while Ginger listens to flattery that will get these gentlemen nowhere...


Friday, April 17, 2020

Catching up- Tag game Photos

During this quarantine Covid-19 I have been playing catch-up with my doll photos on Flicker.  One thing my friends like to do is play Tag Games and I have been distressed that I haven't been able to keep up with all the cool photos that I haven't been able to do. Now I have been able to dig out my dolly accessories 
and stage some photos. With all the time on our hands my husband has been working on getting alot of our much needed yard work done, and I have been helping as well. With his long illness last year, much of this work was neglected, and we have taken it in hand. 

If you would like to browse my Tag Games album on Flicker Click HERE

Here are some of the more current tag game photos that I just posted recently -

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Happy Easter!

I know I am a little late with my Easter post. I wanted to go through my photos. Easter was a very relaxing day. Lots of decorating, and food prep for my hubby and I. With the virus quarantine limiting us, we did not have friends and family over. 

I decorated my mantel with a few of my dolls this year and bunnies. 

I also baked not one but TWO cakes this year. One was lemon which we had with dinner, and another was orange marmalade, which we had with breakfast. 

Here was our Easter breakfast-

Egg, cheese and ham casserole with strawberries, orange slices, coffee, water, and orange and ginger ale spritzer. The cake was orange marmalade cake with cream cheese frosting. 

The cakes were made from the new Duncan Hines cake mixes. I made the orange marmalade cake mix just like it looked on the box. I used a whole jar of Smucker's orange marmalade for the middle

Easter dinner -
Easter dinner was a saddle of venison, carrots, onions and mashed potatoes , salad, iced tea, water, and lemon cake. 

It was all quite relaxing, enjoyable, and yummy. 

Happy Easter!