Tuesday, February 28, 2023

What arrived in the Mail yesterday...!

 These two little darlings arrived in the mail yesterday, a few days apart. 

One is the Easter Egg Kelly from the 1990s and the other is a 1973? I think Madame Alexander dolls of the World Ireland  8 inch Wendy doll.

I am attempting to prepare for St. Patrick's Day and Easter and I have wanted this little doll for a long time. I got her at a heck of a deal- $11 plus reduced shipping 5.95 priority mail on Poshmark. With tax I think I paid a total of $17.21. She has only been displayed in a cabinet. She didn't have a stand but no marks on her body , no box or tag, but her outfit is pristine. The lace on her cap and her hair- lovely. 

Kelly looks like one of the dolls you used to be able to purchase around Easter at the Easter section in Walmart or Target and has her original price tag on. I have already taken her out of the packaging as she is going to be in a display and I got her for a deal on Mercari for $8 plus shipping of $4.37 I think so I ended up paying about $13.00 with tax on this little lovely.  I shop for alot of deals on my holiday dolls not only on ebay - where shipping is outrageous- but Poshmark and Mercari and have found some great dolls and deals there. 

I am working on my Hinamatsuri display right now as well as St. Patrick's day and Easter, so alot going on for now. More to come!

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Hallmark Sweet Valentine Barbie 1995

I had to devote an entire post to this lovely vintage Barbie I had been searching for. 

Hallmark Sweet Valentine's Day Barbie! 

She was made in 1995 and was new in box. I purchased her on Poshmark and even got a discount on shipping (4.99!) so in the end the total purchase price with the offer from the seller was 12.41 including tax! I immediately snatched her up as I had been wanting her but was not willing to pay $40, 50 and 60  on Ebay and mercari. Some of these vintage holiday dolls you can get for rockbottom prices if you wait, as people are just cleaning out closets and don't care about getting 'collector prices'. It is also easier than selling at a yard sale for some. I use Poshmark a lot because the flat rate shipping is $7.95 and it is always prioirty mail and the sellers when making you an offer will give you a break on shipping cost. So shipping is always cheaper on Poshmark. You just have to be patient and wait for that deal.

She comes with a little Valentine's day card and her hair is done in a Regency style with sausage curls. Very romantic. I am now on the hunt for Sweet Roses PJ who will look just lovely with her. I also need to replace my Crystal Barbie's dress and shoes so she will be complete too. On the hunt ! 


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am two days late with this post, but I was very busy on Valentine's day and could not get to the computer to post, so will make up for it with two posts!! Here are some dolly blasts from the past. 


Saturday, February 4, 2023

SuperStar Barbie- Sorting my Collection

In sorting my collection I found a couple of older dolls that had belonged to my mother and I had put aside in my bins of dolls. Pulling them out because I remembered them and they would go in the theme of Valentine's day and I was feeling nostalgic, and on a Superstar Barbie kick, I fished them and was pleasantly surprised at how pretty they were. 

One was Peaches N' Cream Barbie and she still had her original dress, stole and jewelry on and her hair was a little messy but generally still stock. The other I was sure was Crystal Barbie as I was positive at one time I had this doll as I have the dress somewhere in my huge stash of clothing. But when I looking on the various resources, Ebay, Instagram, google search, flicker, I was confronted with different Crystal Barbie photos. Some Crystal Barbies had straight hair or the topknot ponytail and the others had the sideswipe hair with the bundle of curls like mine. I finally found reference to this as to the two different manufactorers - the Phillipines and the Argentina toy plants who produced the dolls, there were minor differences in the hair on this doll. Mine it seems, came from Argentina. Her rubber band is disintegrating but I am leaving her hair as is. For now, I cannot find her dress or stole so I have re-dressed her in Best Buy #8622 for now. I have shown them both in front of my vintage Valentine's candy box to match their outfits.