Tuesday, December 30, 2014

new miniature food- St. Honore pastry

Have been missing in action but have been working on some new miniature food, and experimenting with different clays. Some have worked, some haven't. I have also been working on my doll room /collection goal list for 2015 and one of the items I listed was - create more of the pastries and cakes for my doll food- not just 1:6 scale, but all scales. Especially the bigger ones- 1:4 and 1:3. Why? I don't quite know except the challenge and feeling of satisfaction that I perfectly replicated something in large, big and small. That is what I did this weekend with the St. Honore pastry.

Here is a pic of the real thing off of google-

And below is the four St. Honore raspberry pastries I created in 1:3, 1:4 and two in 1:6 scale...

Marie Antoinette is holding the one in 1:6 scale....

There has always been one scene in this movie I have wanted to replicate- that is when Marie Antoinette and her friends are eating delectable pastries, strawberries, champagne, on gorgeous priceless china and crystal and 'shopping' for cloth for new dresses- the pug dogs carelessly eat the cake left on the divan. I adored her Mops, and created my own.

Not exactly the same, but you get the picture, lol.

Here are some more photos of Louis, Marie Antoinette and their daughter Marie Therese enjoying a decadent tea with these pastries. I promise to have more photos up with the appropriate sized dolls for the 1:3 and 1:4 scales, but I have to set that photo shoot up. 

Here is a hand size comparison-

That pic above is Louis' hand next to the 1:4 scale St. Honore.

Enjoy- and Bon Soir!~Lisa

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Currently have been up like an excited kid at Christmas, just like when I was small- at about 3:30 am or 4 am. Cooking the roast with mushrooms, onions, peppers and potatoes and a thin gravy, having breakfast, looking at presents. Drinking coffee out of Christmas mugs. I love that Christmas feeling, or joy de vivre, if you will. I don't know if I will be able to do more posts this week, so am leaving you wish some new pics of the GI Joes and their sons  Tommy and Darrin, opening what every GI Joe collector wants- the GI Joe jeep, helicopter or the tank!

These are two of my GI joes from my collection, I have about four or five. The one in the GI Joe shirt is the 50th anniversary Joe from the collector club. The little tank, helicopter, suv, and jeep were in a set for $3 at the family dollar and resemble perfect 1/6 scale replicas. It looks like Joe will have to share with the kids, much to his disgruntlement. 

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!~Lisa

Sunday, December 21, 2014

New video- Christmas in the Doll Town...

I finally got some moments today on Sunday to create a new doll video. This is a collection of new photos and some old and so it is a little longer. 
Merry Christmas!


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Poppy Parker...Merry Christmas to me!

The countdown to Christmas has begun and my hubster and I have been working so hard that it hasn't been that noticeable that Christmas is almost here...until today. We went out antiquing and thrifting at some antique stores and also visited the Russell Stover factory shop to get chocolates for Christmas. When we came back, Holiday Poppy had arrived! I was one of the lucky people who received the oppurtunity to purchase her, so glad I did, she is a wonderful Christmas Poppy. Better photos later when I get her hair adjusted and a more elaborate scene.
I found this adorable little cabinet for $2 at Goodwill, one of the shops we visited today.

Someone originally had used it as a jewelry cabinet, I am thinking of using it as a cabinet for pies and cakes in the patissierie. Mary Lou, my hard working Poppy is modeling off the cabinet for us. Some plexi shelves and it will fit right in with that shabby chic look I'm going for. 

We also visited one of our favorite antique shops near our home, Squashapenny. This unique shop is located in Doswell Va near the train tracks of what used to be a train stop back around the turn of the century. We were not allowed to take pics inside, so here is some Squashapenny goodness outside. 

In the 2nd to last photo, that is my hubcap looking at some antique items outside the steps. This used to be an old train stop, the brick building was the old bank, next to it was the old hotel, and Squashapenny was the place like a general store, where you bought your groceries, sodapop, ice, and feed for the horses. Yeah, it's that old. And there are MORE antiques in the back barn shed. There is a HUGE old fashioned pot belly stove in the middle of this antique store, and that is what heats the store. It is literally CRAMMED with antique crap. Somehow crap is more descriptive, lol. Statues, paper ephemera, antique leather lace up boots and shoes, antique store fixtures, tramp cigar box art, antique and vintage Christmas ornaments, and a plethora of other old stuff. It is a decorator's dream. One of the store owners also sculpts in scrap metal, so when you walk around to the back, there is all kinds of wacky metal sculptures. 
It was extremely cold so we didn't go anywhere else except the candy store, I'm sorry I couldn't get more pics of this place. Virginia has alot of unique antique shops that I adore shopping in - you never know what you will find as far as diorama prop heaven. My only problem with squashapenny is everything is hard to reach and shop- it is so crammed. I saw an incredible dollhouse vignette piece that would be perfect for a backdrop for my dracula and spooky dolls, but could not reach it to measure it, that's how stuffed this place is. 
Hoping to have some time to get more photos up before Christmas comes...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tiny cars....

With the holiday season there are so many cute photos of dolls, doing holiday things.
One of my friends on Facebook and Flicker had purchased these Hallmark Kiddie car classics for her tiny bjd's. Of course, Wren had to have the happy jingle bells firetruck. 

She is sickenly cute in it, it matches her little pj's I made for her. I'm thinking of taking off her wig and putting a little green cap on that I made, and then she would match it. 
It also fits Tommy and Kelly, Liddle Kiddles and Felix Brownies or Puki Pukis.

Tommy didn't fit all the way in because of his shoes. The other Kiddie Classics fit the tiny dolls better. Here is an example of Amelia Thimble in kiddie classic 
Just too cute for words. Hallmark ornaments make great props for the tinies and also make great toys for a 1:6 scale toy shop.  I would love to do a 1:6 scale dollhouse/miniature shop in my town. sigh, so many dioramas to build, so little room!! 
Been very busy so it's been hard to take many Christmas photos, and I am reluctant to take down Santa's library/study just yet. I have wanted to do another video but during the week it will be tough. All for now-

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Decorating the Tree at the Manor...

I have been very busy, but finally found time to take the pictures of the Baroness and the family decorating the tree. The children have arrived, and a cozy evening around the tree with Uncle Giles helping the children. My dramatic Living vintage Skipper got a new dress for the occasion, and visited Santa with my vintage Buffy.

I am sorry for a lull in the blogging, as I have been distracted with work and waiting for this Skipper's dress to come in. I wanted to dress ALL of the Skippers and Tutti in holiday finery, but it is difficult to find handmade artists who use pleasing fabrics in a holiday pattern like Nancy's doll things that are in scale. Some of the fabrics of the handmade items are too big in their patterns and looks like the doll would be wrapped in wrapping paper versus wearing a cute holiday dress. I hope this artist lists some more as her work is very good and looks lovely on Skipper, especially the vintage girls. I have been meaning myself to buy some vintage Skipper patterns and make some dresses for them.My very first Skipper was Malibu Skipper, who I adored , then Growin' Up SKipper- (considered so very controversial back in the 70's!) who I loved even more. I also have a Fluff in her original outfit that I would love to dress up and need to add Scooter and Ricky to my collection too. 
More to come!~Lisa