Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Easter. 

Shown are my Moods Poppy Parker dolls and a couple of my Stacey and Kelly dolls with their bunnies, lambs and chicks , all ready for the Easter bunny. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Little Doll Sale...

It is time to clean out the herd again, and have a little spring cleaning of the dolls! I have three dolls up for sale, with their links in my Ebay store. 

First up is Fashion Royalty NuFace Integrity Smoke & Mirrors Eden NRFB Doll

$259 Buy it Now or make me a Best offer 

She comes with her Accessories, and certificate of authenticity- she is 361 of 1761 . I do not have her original shipper box. she will be shipped in a sturdy box with plenty of bubblewrap. 

Next up- Fashion Royalty NuFace W Club TROUBLE Eden NRFB

$490 BUY IT NOW or send me a Best offer. 
She was a Lottery doll through the W Club, available only to W club members. 
She comes with all her accessories and Certificate of authenticity which is 
161 of 700 

I do not have her shipper box, but will wrap her in plenty of bubblewrap and ship in a sturdy box for safe shipping 

Next up, for the finale , is
 Fashion Royalty Seduisante 2017 La Femme Elyse Jolie NUDE Doll

$199 on Buy it now or best offer

Comes nude with extra hands, interchangeable legs with flat feet, stand, and certificate of authenticity she is 1258 out of 1265

She also comes with her original shipper box

Thank you for browsing my listings. Lisa

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dolls of a Larger Scale..Madame Alexander Cissy

I have been wanting to write about this gorgeous antique/vintage lovely since I was lucky enough to win her.  Lately, Vintage/antique Madame Alexander Cissy dolls have become an obsession of mine to obtain. 

Last year I acquired one through an auction of dolls that were in a tub, of vintage dolls and really had no idea of the find I had acquired. She was lovely. I knew she was a Madame Alexander Cissy, the ornate gown and hat gave it away. I did my research and found she was one of the lovely dolls in gowns and a hard to find doll. Pictures of that doll can be found in my Flicker Album- Cissy dolls .

Ever since I sold her, I have researched more and become fascinated with the history of the Cissy dolls. I had a customer from several years ago who purchased a large quantity of the large scale Bespaq in 1:3 scales for these dolls so it made me even more interested in the dolls. I also stumbled across this link-  on research, on their in depth gowns, and information since it is hard to find a website, including Madame Alexander's website, that contains information on the dolls themselves with all of the info on their clothing, shoes, hairstyles, body info. 

Cissy dolls are unusual in that they are what might be the 'first' ball jointed dolls. Madame Alexander paid great attention to the details of haute couture in the clothing, after WWll and it is fascinating how she worked with great designers to bring those designs to her dolls. 

The doll I won was a fluke win...Here is the auction LINK

I usually browse the Cissy dolls on eBay and several sites to see what dolls are going for as I have been shopping for months now to get a 'deal'...which has eluded me.  I knew a 'nude' doll could possibly cost me anywhere from $175 -250! with no cracks, splits etc. or possibly that much on a lucky day if she had an outfit and no shoes on. I got a heck of a deal on this auction simply because the person listing did not describe her that well. For those of you who do not know, Cissy dolls measure between 20 and 21 inches tall. 

She did have a couple of issues- her eyelashes are missing a little on one eye. She has a finger that is coming loose that was not described, but that can be fixed. This Cissy is a 1955 wearing #2083 Her orginal outfit with petticoat and undies- she is missing her original shoes and natural straw hat, and little hatbox with letter to mail.  Here are the photos of her . I purchased shoes that would match her original ones as close as possible. 

The furniture is Bespaq in 1:3 scale. The teaset is Samantha Historical American Girl. The fern/plant is a Michael's find. Rug is a dollhouse miniature . The little orchid on the tea tray was purchased from an artist at a Christmas show. The photo/picture hanging on the wall is a picture copied from the internet and put into a  $1 photo frame.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am late, (as usual!) but better late than never, right? I was so busy yesterday I forgot all about blogging! 

We had a fun day and a wonderful celebration meal of traditional corn beef and cabbage with potatoes, carrots, onions and a brisket of corn beef. I found a recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it. 

Shown below is our table set with my new vintage Anchor Hocking Emerald Green 'Bubble' effect plates and the goblets. I just adore them. I found the glasses in an antique mall nearby , and the plates on eBay , both at great prices. The vintage Rabbit eating the corn cob Pitcher with the Jonquils is a vintage piece I picked up at an auction. I am an antique/vintage china & glass collector as well. It's a passion of mine. The more weird, over the top the piece is, the more I love it. 
Here is the recipe I used on Pinterest for the Slow Cooker corned beef and cabbage. I used an Omaha Corned Beef brisket with the season packet. Instead of sugar, I used corn syrup for the sweetner. Don't use any vinegar, since the item is packed in vinegar already. 

I will have some more photos of dollies in a bit, as a new one has come in that is on my grail list! ~Lisa

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Hinamatsuri Day- Doll Festival day

Happy Hinamatsuri day- or Doll Festival day in Japan. 

I am a day late and a dollar short, as always. I meant to do this post yesterday but I got very distracted and forgot all about it. Hinamatsuri takes place on the third day of the third month, (March 3rd) and is the Girls day Festival or otherwise known as the Dolls Festival. Ceremonial dolls are brought out and displayed on steps covered in red cloth representing members of the Imperial Japanese court, ladies and lords, musicians, ceremonial furniture, with the Emporer and Empress at the very top. Even special food is served at this time. The dolls are not played with, but brought out for this special day.

Here are some photos from the archives. Hope you enjoy. 

Here is Miss Flower at the table, with the Hinamatsuri set all ready. 

Her sister, Miss Happiness is not yet arrived. 

The wooden goldfish set with cups is something I bought as a kid in Chinatown on a trip to New York with my parents. That was the same time I purchased the book The Dolls' House by Frances Hodgeson Burnett in a nearby Bookstore. 

I made the chopsticks from toothpicks
I also handscuplted the sushi 

The Hinamatsuri set made by Re-ment a few years ago. I understand it is now very expensive and hard to find, though there is a Hello Kitty one  not as detailed as this is. I adore this and though I paid for it, it was pricey, not as expensive as I have seen the prices of today.

Enjoy! I am sorry I did not set up an entirely new room scene for the Doll festival. I wanted to do a Japanese Western style room scene. My Miss Flower is now Amy for my cast of Big Bang characters I am collecting so I am going to need a new Miss Flower for my Miss Happiness/Miss Flower cast of characters from that children's beloved book Miss Happiness and Miss Flower by Rumor Godden I have about two or three copies of this book I have collected through the years, plus the sequel, Little Plum  was really amazing as well and tells about the Japanese doll festival and how Nona and Belinda created it doll size.The original book gave plans how to make a real Japanese Dolls' house that was quite ingenius and I have always wanted to build. 

For those of you curious how I created the Japanese type looking shoji walls in my scenes, Click HERE FOR MY FLICKER ALBUM giving you a photo tuturial on how to create a faux shoji door/ wall with foamboard and the opposite wall with screens and wall hangings. All you need is foamboard, stripwood, stain, shelf paper, scrapbook vellum paper, and scissors, and exacto knife, ruler, and glue. And maybe some tape. Quite simple. I use these walls alot and they can be used for other backdrops with plants, props for fashion photos too.