Sunday, July 17, 2022

Dolly Rollbacks at Walmart!

 If you haven't been watching the prices at Walmart, you need to download the App on your phone in the Google Play store or the Apple store - the Walmart App., which allows you to sign up for an account, scan a product and price match. 

I picked up the Cutie reveal and a Chelsea today. ALOT Of DOLLS are on sale and clearance, including the Rainbow High Dolls. This scan code comes in Handy!

For instance, the Cutie Reveal Barbie was marked down to $19 and the Chelsea was marked down to $7 . Chelsea was $7, but when I scanned Barbie she was scanning on the Walmart app online at $17.89!!

What many people do not know, is you can price match at the register if the item is lower online then in store, even if it's 'on sale'. In fact, when I got to the register, it was scanning at full price- $24.86!??

I fully intend to go back and get the Panda bear and the grey bear or whatever it is since this is series 1. The rabbit is one of the cutest and she is fully articulated!!

I thought the packaging was adorable and the tube is so useful. She came with 'surprises' that you could open, one was a little heart comb, another was a skirt, another was a little pet- a rabbit of course! and another package had little boots and rabbit ears.  She has a streak of blue in her hair and I have not took off the suit to see her outfit underneath. Really adorable, I love this series. At $17.89 on sale I cannot skip these deals. I have seen they also have a reindeer and others out on the next series. 

The Chelsea I got because her outfit is perfect for Halloween. They are killing me with the C helsea series- she is dressed like a tiny hamburger and the dog is wearing a French Fry outfit!! This is so adorable I could not pass it up for $7!! 

Her tiny hat is a soda with a straw!! Then she has a ketchup and mustard bottles to carry in one hand. All I need now is a small stand for her. I have a ton of Chelsea items that I want to purchase but I am still strapped from my W Club payments.  

Enjoy the steals and deals!

Monday, July 4, 2022