Saturday, April 20, 2024

Happy Holidays Barbie 1989

I have been suffering from severe allergies for the past week, so when this doll arrived in the early week, I could not do much more than pick her up and take photos as I deboxed her. I was able to pick up this lovely at a steal with a damaged box on Poshmark for a total cost of $27. Not bad considering she goes for much more on Ebay. The box had damage to the front and yellowing on it so i made an offer and it was accepted. What was great was all  of the graphics, and paperwork, and the cardboard photo , her shoes, stand, brush were included plus the paperwork of other Barbie items available at that time. 


Thursday, April 11, 2024

Happy Holidays Barbie 2006 Bob Mackie

Bob Mackie Happy Holidays Barbie 2006 arrived yesterday and though the box was in a little rough shape the doll had never been deboxed and she is really lovely. I got her for $11plus shipping on Mercari so I grabbed her. I ended up paying a total of $27 which is less than what I would have paid on Ebay or Poshmark. Shipping was a little high but I think I still got a deal on this doll. Some of the Bob Mackie dolls go a little insane on their pricing. Her eye shadow is gold glitter and that headdress reminds me a little of a Russian style design. This is one of my favorites.


Monday, April 8, 2024

Va. Fashion Doll Club April Meeting- Sheri Dolls and OOAK Dolls

 My doll club, the VA Fashion Doll club, has its April meeting, and the focus was on Sheri Brown Dolls , an artist who creates OOAK dolls using patterns with crocheted designs for Barbie. Her designs are often historical, and she stays within the eras of the 1600's to the 1920's and draws inspiration from movies, television, books and photos of costumes of the different periods. Many of her remarkable crocheted costumes are done in a combination of tatting and crochet of her own patterns. She taught herself to crochet from books and a friend. Though I own only one of her dolls, I wish I could own more of this very talented lady. 

Our meeting also did a slight focus on OOAK dolls by other artists, so we were asked to bring one OOAK doll to display as well. I brought my Louis XVl that Dawn Anderson of One Sixth Sense had repainted and rerooted and I had created all of the clothing for. We had some beautiful OOAK dolls on display. 

Let's start first with the Sheri dolls:

I took multiple shots of the dolls as they arrived with the members and were arranged and re-arranged to the best advantage for the presentation by our club officers. As you  can see, our club members are great fans of Sheri's work! Her work is stunning and a joy to amass in one place. We had alot of fun displaying her dolls and looking at the intricate details on the hats, the skirts, the bustles, and accessories she includes with her detailed dolls.

Next up- the OOAK Artisan dolls-

Included in this bunch were some wonderful convention dolls, NiniMomo dolls, and Solderberg dolls as well. The OOAK dolls were stunning in their uniqueness and appeal of the details of their costuming. 

Onto the refreshments! We had a spring brunch!

Since we met at our President's home, I must not forget her incredible doll displays for Easter and spring-

I hope you have enjoyed the photos and Happy Spring!