Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Va Fashion Doll Club September meeting

 My Va Fashion Doll Club had its September meeting and the theme was World Festivals or Folk Festivals /Ethnic Festivals or diverse cultures from around the world celebrating food and costumes, etc. Took me a while to understand the display theme - and I have been so busy with personal life and work that I really didn't understand the theme- were we too create a theme with our own ethnic background or pick a country and go from there??? I picked Italy because for food we had to bring a food from the country we picked and pizza was all I could register quickly- I could make Pizza . 

When I arrived, I finally understood what they were getting at- the dolls were supposed to be a festival, celebrating countries of the world, with booths set up selling their foods, products from that country. Well I bombed on this one. lol. 

Part of my distraction from club this month and the months leading up is I have been working on re-vamping and getting my doll room packed up and ready to be painted and cleaned . The room has looked like a staging place from the Hoarders and I have long needed proper shelving and places to properly display my dolls and accessories.  I have been working on packing up props and sorting and cleaning and still am not done. Almost done, have a few more things to pack before the final cleaning on the walls / and painting can begin. 

But back to the club meeting. I will show you photos of the club displays.

Below, I also took photos of Jodi's incredible doll room collection. Within her doll shelves, the dolls are stacked on risers three high, to get maximum storage space out of those shelves!! So each shelf has tons of vintage dolls in every kind of outfit imaginable! Vintage heaven!

We also did a flocking workshop on vintage , beatup Ken dolls at this club meeting. This is my Ken I did and he came out pretty well. 

Hope you enjoy the photos. More coming later!