Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lots of Doll Food!

I have finally got back into the thick of sculpting doll food and it is fun. I have a few items that are recently listed and here are the photos. These items are in 1;6 scale as well as 1:3 scale, for American girl/My Twinn sizes (18-24 inch dolls) Where necessary, I have also put the listing so you can click and see the listing on ebay.  

1:6 scale Cherry pie for Barbie Poppy Parker on ebay   $8.99

1:3 scale Cherry Chocolate Tart for American Girl doll  $9.99

1:3 scale Chocolate Raspberry tart for American girl  $9.99

1:3 scale Bread Board for American Girl doll   $10

1:6 scale set of 3 eclairs for Barbie poppy parker  $7

1:3 scale set of eclairs for American Girl doll  $7

1:6 scale set of 4 eclairs SET B Fashion Royalty  $8

1:6 scale set A set of 4 eclairs  $7

Some of the others are on auction so are ending soon, today one has already been relisted on Buy it now. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

News: Barbie Collector 2016 Membership extended

So, the big NEWS from Barbie Collector on January 6th, yesterday in an email, 
was the above. I copied it but it did not transfer very well. Collectors had mixed feelings from the posts on the Barbie Collector forum who have been wanting sneaks of the new dolls, news of what is to come for 2017, and so on. 

What's new for 2017? They've extended our 2016 membership. Yeah, that's what's new. 
Show 'em what you get!
*Extended use of the forum!
*The oppurtunity to purchase as many direct exclusive dolls while they last!
*First look at sneaks at new dolls, accessories and lifestyle items
*Access to members only content, including designer interviews,
exclusive avatars, wallpapers, & years of archived content. 

So yeah. Whoopee. 

I have only stayed a member of because of the four rewards throughout the year. That is $80 that I get off of expensive dolls, which is the Faraway forest line or other dolls that appeal to me when they have free shipping deals. I admit the Faraway Forest line is the only reason I am staying a member. It certainly isn't because of their marketing skills. The dealers give a better marketing sneak or leaks of what is to come than Mattel. 

Though it sounds like I won't join again, I certainly will because I like this fairytale line of dolls. I just wish more of the dolls had the elf ears like the first one. She was incredible, and I missed out on her. The last doll, Water Sprite I was not happy with as her look is too Monster-High/playline and I am hoping they don't re-do that debacle again. Shudder. 

The new Barbie Collector memberships may not be out until Mid-February or even March. Too soon right now to tell. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome January!

January of 2017 is already here and I haven't done any posts! I have been busy enjoying the fire and eating all the leftover Christmas and New Year goodies...
I did take some photos of my girls in their gowns around the tree just for fun. 

As you can see, I have de-boxed my Elyse and I adore her. I need to do a really great scene with these ladies. 

All for now- Lisa