Saturday, September 17, 2016

Powder Puff Poppy Parker

I have been away from the blogging world, too much family stuff going on right now.  I have missed my dolls!! I have had this beauty and Ooh La La! Poppy for a while now, over a month and have had no time to play. Yesterday I took some photos and had time to concentrate and get the diorama just like I wanted. 

A few years ago I built and created this bed one rainy weekend from scraps but never had the proper doll to display it as I wanted. I've never built the proper bedroom setting for it either. Now I have the doll, so I might be on a mission. She is so matchy-matchy with the bed. 

Enjoy the pics!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Re-visiting Blythe...

          Alice, my factory girl Blythe, I have been experimenting with lately over the summer. I plan to re-body her with a small pure neemo body when I get time and money- the pure neemo bodies are not cheap. I had looked at Obitsu originally but upon further research on the really great photographers and collectors of Blythe on the groups, like Dolly Treasures  and 4dloveofblythe on Flicker their dolls seem to have this articulated body which moves more easily than the Obitsu and the Takara which my factory girl is on. 

I have done some rough sanding to matte her face, than blushing of her cheeks, and colored her lips with pencils. I haven't sealed them yet. Her clothes, surprisingly, are Sparkle girls! from Walmart. I had been wanting some little overalls for so long and knowing my limited abilities to sew the cute clothes I want for her, and unable to afford the Blythe overalls on Etsy, I decided to check out the Barbie seperates at Walmart and saw the Sparkle girls look Skipper /Momoko size which is PERFECT for Blythe. (Blythe wears the same size as vintage Skipper) I can deal with 1.97 versus $35-60 for an outfit for her!!!  Some Etsy sellers make marvelous clothes, but I cannot afford that for an outfit for myself, LOL...though I know how much work they put into their creations. 

Anyhow, her shoes are some vintage green boots from my Barbies that I had and are the only ones I had that will fit her feet.  I have been meaning to get her boots/shoes but wanted to wait until her body gets here. When I order it. 

On another note, my Poppy dolls Powder Puff and Ooh La La! should be arriving soon, I finally got the funds to pay for them. So some pictures should be coming soon. I need some new dollies....

Happy Labor day weekend...though what is so good about Labor I don't