Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Graceful Reign Vanessa Perrin

Well she finally arrived. Graceful Reign Vanessa Perrin. She is truly a queen among dolls. I love her gown and cape and jewelry. I really wish her shoes had been like Agnes' with a Twist which were mules /rhinestoned and her crown not such a halo weird design, but a true tiara. No princess wears such a hollyweird design. 

 But, hey, the gloves look lovely even though they are grey with a silver, gold and white brocade gown. It looks off. Really off. Why they could not have gone with white gloves which is what would have looked like high society. These designers. 

I may look for a better tiara than this thing because if it is not stationed perfectly, it falls off. 

So here are the photos-

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