Saturday, September 10, 2022

New Cutie Reveal- Panda!

I was shopping the other day and was able to pick up the panda doll in the Cutie Reveal series on sale! What I couldn't believe was the deal I got! $11!! Squee!
Previous deals on the bunny were $17 and the puppy were $15. I have not been able to find the giraffe?? she must be a hard to find one, the fourth in the series. I may have to order her online and bite the bullet and pay full price...or almost full price. lol 

Mattel ordinarily does not usually impress me with their quality, but they hit it out of the park with the costumes, the packaging, considering this is supposed to be a playline doll for a child and it I consider it collector quality. 

She comes with the usual surprise packages, and more literature so you can collect all four. 

Here she is, a lovely doll with her panda ears on and what a beautiful face!

Here are all three together with their packaging. So cute!